History of Marine Gardens Bowling Club

Marine Gardens - Past
The bowling green was laid down during the autumn and winter of 1929-1930 and was
ceremonially opened by the then Mayor, Alderman H. F. Carmichael, who bowled the
first jack and woods on the new green in April 1931.   
The club formed in 1930, has used the Worthing Borough Council
owned green and clubhouse since that time. 


Mr. George Stracey convened the first meeting of Marine Gardens Bowling Club
in October 1930 and was appointed the Club's first Captain in 1931. 
He designed the club badge, however, very shortly afterwards, it was thought
that the "brown" crown was not bright enough and was replaced with golden thread. 


Mr. George Stracey also donated the Stracey Shield in 1931, creating competition 
and keen rivalry between local bowling clubs playing on the greens within the
Borough of Worthing. The Stracey Shield is still competed for today.

In 2001, the club accepted lady members and became the first totally mixed

bowling club in Worthing, where all matches played are now mixed.

As well as their own internal competitions, the ladies are encouraged to take on

the men in many internal competitions that are not restricted by Bowls England to men only.


In 2006, extensions were made to the East and West of the main clubroom to provide individual

changing room facilities for ladies and men with the provision of their own toilet and wash areas.


Clubhouse - Locker room 

The enlarged and refurbished Clubhouse can now support and accommodate an increased
membership and allows a number of planned social events throughout the year.
Clubhouse - main room