News Update

Club Match Results

(September 10, 2017)

Meeting Aldingbourne at home for their final engagement in Division 3 of the WSBL, Marine Gardens played the sort of match their opponents would prefer to erase from memory.

At the halfway point Marine Gardens held a 34 shot lead, extending it during the second half by an additional 62 shots, the match being finally concluded with an overall score of 119 to 52.   Ivan Godsmark was victorious on his rink with an astonishing score of 59 to 6 !  with Leon White (25 - 9) triumphant as well.   Dennis Martin and Mike Hitchin however each lost by only one shot on their respective rinks with Marine Gardens collecting 6 league points and 4 to Aldingbourne.

Away to Middleton for a friendly encounter of triples played on 4 rinks, Marine Gardens went down by 22 shots with the host club taking the match 76 to 54.

At half time, Marine Gardens trailed Middleton by 9 shots and failed to catch up during the second half despite a bid to even up the deficit, the host club kept up the pressure and extended their lead even further.

Harry Tattersall (22 - 10) together with Jan Hartley and Pauline Hughes won their individual rink and were awarded the top rink for the match.

Playing away in a friendly of 5 rinks of triples at Steyning, Marine Gardens were only 3 shots behind the host team after 15 ends when a deluge brought an abrupt end to their chances of levelling the score and perhaps taking the match.   The game was promptly abandoned with a win to Steyning of 63 to 60.

Oxford Town Tourists visited Marine Gardens for the first time to play in a friendly encounter of 6 rinks and ended with a victory against the host club of 128 to 115.   With Oxford leading by 14 shots at half time, Marine Gardens were unable to close the gap in the second half finishing up with a win on just 2 rinks out of 6.

Dennis Martin (21 - 16) and Ivan Godsmark (24 - 19) each won their independant rinks whilst Bill Spinks (21 - 21) achieved a draw.   Bob Cole and Mike Ives supported Godsmark to take the top rink award, however John Nettleingham (11 - 27) Shaun Coppard (18 - 24) and Rob Driscoll (20 - 21) all went down.

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