Stracey Shield/Brodie Tray - Results


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The two leagues comprise the Stracey Shield and the Brodie Tray. The competitive but friendly
fixtures are open to all registered members of participating Clubs, as selected by their Club's

selection committee. A record of which individuals play is not kept, and clubs are relied upon
participate in good faith.

Saturday is the preferred day for fixtures, but any other day may be agreed upon to accommodate
pre-existing arrangements and ensure fixtures are fulfilled.

Rules for the Stracey Shield:

 1.        The league will be played during the outdoor bowls season matches commencing at 2:00pm
            unless mutually agreed otherwise.

2.        A team will consist of four rinks of four and a match will be played over 21 ends.

3.        A winning rink will receive 2 points and in the event of a drawn rink, 1 point will be awarded to
           each side. Therefore, there are 8 points to be won. 

4.        In addition, the team with the highest overall match shots score will receive a further 2 points, if
           shot scores are level, 1 point is awarded to both teams, making a maximum 10 points available
           for each fixture. 

5.        If a match is abandoned before commencement of play due to inclement weather, the match
           should be re-arranged if possible and the Results and Fixtures Secretary notified. If this is
           not possible the Clubs involved will share the 10 points equally. The decision to play will be taken
           by the local groundsman. Should the groundsman deem the greens fit for play, but the weather
           conditions are uncertain, the decision to call off must be agreed by both Captains. Both Captains
           should agree prior to the match starting what will be the strategy if the weather deteriorates to a
           point where safety becomes a concern. In the event of an inability to agree the strategy the
          'home' Captain will have the final decision. 

6.        Where a match has commenced and at least 12 ends have been completed by all rinks, but the
           match has to be abandoned due to the weather, the scores at that point will be deemed to be the
           result and the points awarded accordingly. 

7.        Where a match has commenced but, due to the weather, has not reached the 12 ends on all rinks
           then each Club will share the 10 points equally. 

8.        When a match is defaulted, 10 points will be awarded to the non-offending team unless there are
           extenuating circumstances, or it is agreed the fixture is re-arranged.

9.        The participating Clubs will play each other on a home and away basis with a third fixture as
           determined at the AGM.

10.    Where there are only three players available for a rink - either at the start of a game or due to a
         player leaving a rink due to illness, injury or other reason and no substitute is available - then play
         on the rink shall be as follows: whichever team wins the end the lead (or two if the lead is the
         player missing), shall place the mat and deliver the jack. The Lead of the team with four players
         shall then play both of his two woods followed then by the other six players playing in order 
         commencing with whichever team won the previous end. There shall be no deduction of 25% 
         from the score.

Rules for the Brodie Tray:

1.      The same rules apply as for the Stracey Shield but with the teams consisting of 1 rink, 2 triples
         and 1 pair, all playing 18 ends and the participating Clubs will play each other on a home and
         away basis. 

2.      With 2 points available for each of the individual fixture elements and 2 points for the highest
         overall match score, a maximum of 10 points are available for each fixture. 

3.      Should a team arrive with less than a full complement and no substitute is available, then the     
         pair and triples will take priority over the rink. Where the rink has less than 4 players then the
         same procedure as in the Stracey Shield will apply.


1.     A substitute (if available) can be used when a selected player fails to arrive or has to leave a rink
        due to illness, injury or other reason. 

2.     All results will be notified as soon as possible after a match in accordance with the process
        defined by the Results and Fixtures Secretary. 

3.     In the event of the cancelation of a fixture, the match should be re-arranged if possible and the
        Results and Fixtures Secretary notified. 

4.     If a team has to forfeit a rink it will lose the 2 points but there will be no overall match shot score

5.     Where a Club has two teams in any competition, a player may only play for one of those teams. 

6.     Trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners-up for both competitions. 

7.     An AGM will be held every October/November and a Spring meeting every March/April. 

8.     At the AGM a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Press Officer/Results Secretary will be elected.
        In addition to the elected officers every Club may have two persons to represent them at any
        meeting. At an AGM or EGM, where any changes to the running of the Competitions will be made,
        a Club will have only one vote. The Chairman will have no voting rights and, in the event, that there
        is an even split of votes on any resolution brought before the AGM/EGM the 'status quo' will prevail. 

9.     A separate bank account will be used with two signatures required for cheque signing. 

10.  There will be a joining fee of £25 payable by any clubs who successfully apply to join the league r
        egardless of the number of competitions entered. 

11.  There will be an annual fee of £15 payable by all clubs to cover league entry regardless of the number
       of competitions entered, but this may be suspended for the upcoming season if approved at an AGM.