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Club Match Results

(September 24, 2017)

Following the final league match of the season played last week at Aldingbourne, Marine Gardens embarked on a series of friendly matches to bring the 2017 season to a close.

Away to Pagham playing 4 rinks in a friendly encounter, Marine Gardens performance was disappointing losing on 3 of the rinks, ending with a final score of 67 to Pagham's 103.   Jim Gray(28 15) was the only successful skip and with the assistance of Steve Davis, Harry Tattersall and Bryan Hartley, took top rink honours for the afternoon.   Derek Martin (16 - 26)  Derek McCarthy (9 - 35) and Brian Fuller (14 - 27) all went down.

At home playing Ewell Village in a 6 rink friendly, Marine Gardens made up their loss to Pagham with a decisive victory defeating Ewell by 75 shots, ending the match with a final score of 145 to 70.   At the halfway stage, Marine Gardens demonstrated they were the stronger team leading by 77 to 31 after 11 ends and at the conclusion of the match, Harry Tattersall's rink with Lucy Marshman, Albie Marsella and Mike Ives claimed the top rink honours with a very creditable result of 34 to 2 !   Other victorious skips included Mike Elborough (21 - 12), Ivan Godsmark (32 - 7), Derek McCarthy (32 - 6) and Mick Collins (18 - 14).   Jenny Ashman (8 - 29) unfortunately went down.

Last Friday at home playing East Preston in a 5 rink friendly, Marine Gardens once again emerged the winner with a final score of 114 to 87.   At the halfway stage, the host club were leading the visitors by 19 shots and maintained that lead during the second half.   Terry Urben won the top rink award with a score of 26 to 8 supported by David Smart, Dave Holden and Albie Marsella.   Other triumphant skips included Harry Smith (33 - 13) against Brian Harrison with Ivan Godsmark (20 - 16) soundly defeating Ed Coaker.   Terry Ashley (20 - 21) narrowly lost to J Martin whilst Mike Hitchin (15 - 29) was defeated by H Comber

Away to Crablands, the host club won the match by 11 shots in a final score of 66 to 55 against Marine Gardens in a friendly of 4 rinks.   At the halfway point, Crablands led by 34 to 27 and in the second half, Marine Gardens were unable to catch up and reduce the deficit losing 3 out of 4 rinks.   Jim Gray was the sole victorious skip for the visitors and with the assistance of Albie Marsella, Mike Ives and Alan Paterson took the top rink honours with a score of 16 - 12.   Mike Hitchin (15 - 17), Terry Urben (9 - 19) and Ivan Godsmark (15 - 18) all went down.

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