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Club Match Results

(April 29, 2018)

In their first encounter of the season, Marine Gardens gained a victory against their  old adversary Goring Manor at home with a score of 104 to 78 played over 6 rinks.  The visitors, 18 shots down at the halfway stage and despite almost doubling their score, were unable to catch up during the second half.   Highest scoring rink for Marine Gardens went to skip Pauline Hughes (34 - 6) assisted by Jill Colbourn, Albie Marsella and Mike Ives and awarded top rink prize for the day.   Other skips who scored individual wins on their respective rinks included Mike Hitchin (13 - 12), Dennis Martin (18 - 12), Brian Fuller (16 - 8),  whilst the rinks of Mike Elborough (9-21) and Leon White (14 - 21) unfortunately lost.

A three rink triple match was the order of the day with Marine Gardens playing Pulborough at home in a non league friendly last Thursday.   The match resulted in a draw of 43 to 43 with the host team scoring two rink victories skipped by Jenny Ashman (16 - 15) and Dave Mugridge (16 - 15) whilst Leon White (11 - 13) narrowly lost.

The traditional in house match of Ladies versus Gents was held at Marine Gardens last Saturday with the eventual victory going to the Gents achieving a score of 90 to 56 played over 5 rinks.   Despite a very strong fightback by the Ladies during the second half, the Gents kept up the pressure to win outright on four of the rinks whilst drawing on one.   Jim Gray (20 - 6) walked away with the top rink award ably supported by Dave Holden, Roy Mills and Brian Fuller.   Other skips who achieved victories on their individual rinks included Ivan Godsmark (21 - 9), Harry Smith   (21 - 15) and Mike Hitchin (15 - 13).   Mike Elborough's team who had been under immense pressure by the Ladies throughout the match managed to score a five on the final end bringing the score 13 to 13 against the team of  Pauline Hughes.


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