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Club Match Results

(May 20, 2018)

Marine Gardens regained its winning streak last week with 3 victories out of 4 fixtures playing both home and away.

In the West Sussex Bowling League match in Division 3, Marine Gardens clinched a decisive victory playing away to Storrington scoring a very commendable 90 to 62.  Storrington, relegated dwon from Division 2 last year managed to keep pace with the visitors showing a half time result of 45 to 42, however it was in the second half that Marine turned up the heat and went on to score a further 45 shots compared to Storrington's 20, thus securing the match and earning 8 league points with Storrington collecting 2.   The tope rink prize went to Ivan Godsmark, assisted by Len Tebby, John Nettleingham and Francis Fahey.   Other successful skips included Dennis Martin (22 - 17) and Leon White (24 - 14) with Mike Hitchin losing by just one point (16 - 17) to H. Kendall.

Away to Shoreham playing in the Stracey Shield, Marine Gardens entered the match one person down to play on 4 rinks.   With only 15 players, the captain called upon the team to use every bit of expertise to try and produce a winning outcome.              Jim Gray's team comprising Dave Mugridge, John Nettleingham and Jan Hartley created a spectacular result scoring 32 to 10, with a 5 shot victory on the 12th end, 4 on the 16th and finally 5 on the remaining 21st end.   The other successful skip included Ivan Godsmark (18 - 8) whilst Mike Hitchin (18 - 22) lost.   Frieda Goulding , playing with one player down courageously scored 8 shots on her rink to Shoreham's 18.   The match was finally won by Marine Gardens scoring a narrow victory of 79 to Shoreham's 77 thus earning 6 league points with Shoreham collecting 4.

 In the traditional Captain versus Vice Captain in house match playing at home last Friday, the Vice Captain, after much deliberation, conceded defeat after the final score of 99 to 94 was declared.   Playing on 6 rinks with over 50 members participating, the Captains' team had scored 59 shots at the halfway stage, however, the Vice Captains' kept pace with only a slight deficit of 51.   In the second half, both teams maintained a level pace with each scoring over 40 shots until a lucky 4 on the of Francis Fahey enabled the Captain's team to edge ahead thus claiming a well earned victory.   Skip Harry Smith was awarded the top rink prize supported by Sylvia Perkins, Jill Campbell and Jan Hartley.

The day concluded with the Vice Captain (Mike Ives) providing a generous range of raffle prizes comprising wine, beer and chocolates whilst announcing his team had been magnificent in defeat !!

To the dismay of Marine Gardens, their non league friendly match against Homefield Park at home last Saturday produced a narrow loss with the visitors snatching a slim victory of 86 to 82.   At the halfway stage, Homefield Park had maintained a steady score rate totalling 51 with Marine Gardens only 5 shots down, however, the visitors kept up the pace in the second half resulting in Marine Gardens unable to overtake them towards the end.   Jim Gray's team of Dave Holden, Bill Hebert and Dave Mugridge scored a 4 on the 17th end and a 3 of the 18th and won their rink (29 - 23) with Ivan Godsmark (26 - 16) the other successful skip.  Unfortunately, both Mike Hitchin (14 - 27) and Mike Ives (13 - 20) lost on their rinks.

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