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Club Match Results

(June 17, 2018)

Marine Gardens defied the odds again for the second time this season by defeating Worthing's premier club - Pavilion, participating in the 2018 Brodie Tray League.   Playing at home in a sequence of 2 Triples, 1 Rink and 1 Pair, Marine Gardens successfully defended an early charge by Pavilion and by the halfway stage, the home team had in fact established a lead of 10 clear shots with a score of 38 to 28.   Jim Gray, playing pairs with Jenny Ashman suffered a 7 shot loss on the 13th end after leading 12 to 5 at half time, however, he continued to parry Pavilion on the remaining ends and finished with a narrow victory of 18 to 17.   Ivan Godsmark, playing a triples match led by 12 to 5 when the second  half commenced, coasted to an effortless victory of 24 to 13 on the final end.   The other successful skip included Mike Ives (19 - 17) whilst Francis Fahey, down by 2 to 11 at half time, finally lost his match 14 to 19 after a supreme effort to catch Pavilion during the concluding ends of the game.   Marine Gardens were victorious overall with a final score of 75 to 66 thus earning 8 league points with 2 being awarded to Pavilion.

In Division 4 of the Abergavenny Double Fours playing both home and away, Marine Gardens finally went down to Bognor Regis with a collective score of 42 to 48.   The home team comprising Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey and Ivan Godsmark maintained a nip and tuck confrontation with their opponents winning 11 out of the 21 ends.   However a 6 on the 6th end by Bognor evened up the score so that both teams were level on the 16th end with 16 shots apiece.   The match finally concluded when Bognor claimed a match victory after they scored a further 6 shots compared to Marine's 2 resulting in a final tally of 18 to 22.  Meanwhile away at Bognor Regis, Marine Gardens faced a crushing and humiliating defeat after managing to score only 2 shots compared to Bognor's 22 at the 8th end.   Skip Mike Hitchin rallied his team Harry Tattersall, Norman Deegan and Terry Urban and staged a quite remarkable counterattack to score 13 over the next 9 ends successively and by the time the 19th end had been reached, the tally stood at 22 to 25 when Marine claimed a further 4 shots.   They went on to score a further 2 before finally losing the encounter with a more respectable result of 24 to 26.

Away to Field Place last Saturday, Marine Gardens staged a draw of 75 to 75 against Goring Manor (Spitfires) playing in their second encounter of the 2018 Stracey League.   Because the Spitfires were victorious on 3 out of the 4 rinks, the league points were evenly distributed with 7 going to Goring Manor and 3 to Marine Gardens.   At half time, only 1 shot separated the two teams, however Goring Manor steadily kept pace with the visitors and at the conclusion, managed an acceptable draw.   The only successful skip for Marine Gardens was Ivan Godsmark (26 - 6) supported by Gill Vernau, Alan Paterson and Bryan Hartley.   Derek McCarthy (13 - 28), Mike Hitchin (21 - 23) and Brian Fuller (15 - 18) all unfortunately went down.

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