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Club Match Results

(June 24, 2018)

Marine Gardens inflicted a 5 rink defeat against Rottingdean last week avenging their previous loss to the East Sussex club following their last encounter playing in an earlier season.   At the commencement of the second half of the match, Marine Gardens led by a comfortable margin of 23 shots with a half time score of 59 to 36, and at the close of play, had doubled the tally to claim victory with a result of 110 to 76.   Mike Hitchin scored a 5 on the 8th end before succumbing to a 6 shot down on the 18th, but then retaliated to score 2 x 5's on the 19th and 20th ends to win his rink (23 - 18).   Terry Urben scored on 16 out of 21 ends, with Rottingdean finally appearing on the scoreboard after 9 successive ends had completed.   Urben finally claimed victory on the rink (28 - 7) and was awarded top rink of the day, assisted by Shaun Coppard, Ken Mills and Alan Paterson.   Other skips who triumphed on their rinks included Terry Ashley (18 - 17), Ivan Godsmark (23 - 20) and Jenny Ashman (18 - 14).

Playing Bognor Regis at home in a 5 rink triples, Marine Gardens won a decisive victory of 83 to 60 in their first non league encounter with Bognor in 2018.   David Sayer (20 - 7) scoring on 14 out of 18 ends, reacted to an earlier 4 shot loss on the 10th by delivering a 5 shot win on the final end.   Francis Fahey delivered 3 x 4's on the 7th, 11th and 17th ends respectively to win his rink with the (21 - 12) result, whilst Dennis Martin cruised to a comfortable victory (17 - 7).   Pauline Sayer (11 - 18) was not so fortunate however, and went down after losing a 4 on the 8th end and a further 4 on the 13th.   The top rink award for the match went to David Sayer after a magnificent effort, supported by David Pilbrow and Jean Stratton.

Competing in the current league for the PC Cup, Marine Gardens fortunes deserted them as they went down to Norfolk playing at home in a 4 rink fixture with a loss of 65 to 89.   Following a 10 shot deficit at half time, only 2 rinks were won with Ivan Godsmark fighting his way to a 1 shot victory scoring (18 - 17) with 4 shots on both the 14th and 17th ends.   Harry Smith also responded during the second half with 2 x 4's on the 9th and 14th ends winning his rink (24 - 13).   Dennis Martin however was not so fortunate going down (10 - 38) including Leon White (13 - 21).

Playing in the Brodie Tray league against Goring Manor (Hurricanes) last Tuesday, Marine Gardens lost out to their old adversary 53 to 79 playing in a sequence of 2 triples, 1 pair and 1 rink.   At half time, the Hurricanes held a slim 4 shot lead overall, but managed to extend it during the second half by more than 70.    Ivan Godsmark, playing in the pairs, suffered a loss of 4 x 4's down during his match and managed only 9 shots before losing to Paul Webster with a rink score of (9 - 26).  Other skips who experienced a demise on their individual rinks included Leon White (Triples 14 - 16), Mike Hitchin (Triples 17 - 18) and Mike Ives (Rink 13 - 19).   A total of 10 league points were awarded to the Hurricanes with nil to Marine Gardens.   There was no top rink for the match. 

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