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Club Match Results

(July 01, 2018)

 Marine Gardens retained the Rose Bowl Centenary Cup with the narrowest of victories playing Horsham in their first round away last Tuesday with a final score of 111 to 103.   Both teams play twice in the season for the trophy and any credit/debit scores are introduced into the final tally on an aggregate basis when the season finally closes.   By the beginning of the second half, Marine Gardens had opened up comfortable 25 shot margin, but Horsham stormed ahead to reduce the margin to just 8 shots at the close of play with Marine Gardens winning 5 out of 6 rinks.   Ivan Godsmark (21 - 19) held a 21 - 7 lead by the 18th end, however, Horsham made a final charge on the 2 remaining ends scoring 11 shots to reduce the rink deficit by just 2 shots.   Other successful skips included captain of the day Harry Smith (18 - 15), Jim Gray (16 - 14) Leon White (22 - 17) and Mick Collins (24 - 13).   Sadly, Terry Urben (10 - 25) went down.   Collins claimed the top rink for the day assisted by Jill Colbourn, David Hughes and Bill Spinks.

Playing away at Field Place on Saturday, Marine Gardens avenged their earlier defeat at the hands of Goring Manor (Hurricanes) playing a 4 rink Stracey Shield match with an emphatic 12 shot victory scoring 91 to 79.   Marine Gardens won on only 1 rink and drew on 1 other, with Mike Hitchin (27 - 10) being awarded top rink supported by Dave Mugridge, Harry Smith and Jenny Ashman.   Mike Elborough (21 - 23) scored a 4 on the 9th end playing his rink but the Hurricanes retaliated with a 4 on the 15th then a 5 on the final end winning by just 2 shots.   Ivan Godsmark (19 - 22) down by 11 shots at half time scored 2 successive 4's on the 19th and 20th ends to reduce his deficit to just 3 shots.   Jim Gray (24 - 24) failed to score for the first 11 ends, but then scored 3 x4's in succession with the Hurricanes replying with a 5 on the 20th the rink finally ending in a draw.   A total of 5 league points were awarded to both the Hurricanes and Marine Gardens.

Away to Beach House Park playing Homefield Park in the Brodie Tray League, Marine Gardens went down by 20 shots at the close of play with a final score of 60 to 80.   The half time score stood at 28 to 41 in favour of Homefield and despite a last minute push to reduce the margin of loss, Marine Gardens went down on 3 out of the 4 rinks.   Francis Fahey (Triples 19 - 14) was the only successful skip whilst Brian Fuller (Triples 14 - 20), Ivan Godsmark (Pairs 17 - 23) and Mike Ives (Rink 10 - 23) all went down.   Len Tebby with Terry Urben supported Fahey in achieving the only victory for Marine Gardens.   Marine Gardens were awarded 2 league points with 8 to Homefield Park.

At home playing in the Stracey Shield against Southwick Park, Marine Gardens were narrowly defeated by only 6 shots of 66 to 72.   After opening up a 10 shot lead at the halfway point, Southwick showed no signs of letting up and despite an onrush by Marine Gardens in the final ends, Southwick ran out the overall winners.   Only 2 out of the 4 rinks were won by Marine Gardens with their skips, Dennis Martin (17 - 16) and Ivan Godsmark (19 - 11) taking the honours.   Unfortunately, both Jim Gray (19 - 22) and Francis Fahey (11 - 23) lost on their respective rinks.   Southwick Park were awarded 6 league points with 4 being collected by Marine Gardens.

A further defeat greeted Marine Gardens last Thursday when they lost by a mere 2 shots playing Lancing in the Brodie Tray League finishing with a final score of 68 to 70.   Despite Marine Gardens winning on 3 out of 4 rinks, a clash between Brian Fuller (Rink 8 - 21) of Marine Gardens and J.Gartagh of Lancing showed Marine 13 shots down, the margin of which was sufficient for Lancing to take out the match.   The winning skips included: David Sayer (Pairs 22 - 18) who maintained a steady score rate and won the first 8 ends before Lancing appeared on the scoreboard.   Ivan Godsmark, down 10 - 16 on the 15th end produced 2 x 4's in succession to eventually claim a 1 shot rink victory (Triples 18 - 17).   Terry Urben, playing a triples match scored (20 - 14) was also successful.   Following the match, Lancing were awarded 4 league points with 6 to Marine Gardens.+

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