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Club Match Results

(July 15, 2018)

Marine Gardens held their traditional Captains Day last week, supported by over 50 members who participated in a 6 rink friendly match played over 18 ends followed by a superb spread of afternoon tea and a range of raffle prizes by the close of play.   Reg Perkins, a previous winner of the 'Spider' competition, repeated his skill by winning it yet again and was awarded a large bottle of whisky for his efforts.   On the green at half time, the team of Vice Captain Mike Ives were leading Captain Marsella's group by a mere 7 shots with Dennis Martin leading the field with a rink score of 10 to 4.   At the close of play however, the Captains team had reduced the deficit to just 3 shots with Vice Captain Ives finally claiming a well earned victory with a final score of 81 to 78.   The top scoring rink went to skip Jill Colbourn (27 - 10) with Ivan Godsmark (17 - 10), David Sayers (16 - 9), Frieda Goulding (16 - 8) and Terry Ashley (17 - 19) all victorious on their respective rinks.

 Playing at home against Lancing in the Stracey Shield, Marine Gardens eased to a comfortable victory of 92 to 67 winning on 3 out 4 rinks and earning 8 league points with 2 awarded to Lancing.   Marine Gardens were never really challenged throughout the match and at the halfway point, held a prominent lead of 54 to 33.   Jenny Ashman scored a 5 on the 6th end to lead on her rink  by 2 shots at half time, however, Lancing replied with a 4 on the final end, thus defeating Ashman with a final tally of 17 to 23.  Mike Hitchin led by 7 shots on his rink at the halfway stage opening 4 on the first end then a 6 on the 14th finally finishing with a total score of 26 to 18.   Brian Fuller was the other successful skip scoring 19 to 16.   David Sayer (30 - 10) claimed the top rink for the day, ably assisted by Dave Holden, Bill Hebert and Pauline Sayer.

The annual non league encounter against Sussex Vice Patrons proved to be an uncomfortable defeat for Marine Gardens losing to a score of 128 to 106.   Played over 6 rinks, Marine Gardens managed only 2 rink victories with LenTebby (22 - 9) and Brian Fuller (21 - 17) the successful skips.   By half time, the Vice Patrons led by 17 shots and whilst Marine Gardens doubled their score in the second half, were unable to reduce the deficit proving to be a very disappointing result for the host club.   Terry Urben suffered a 5 shot loss on the 3rd end then a 4 on the 20th to lose on his rink 11 to 38.   Mick Collins lost 4 shots on the 16th but retaliated by a winning a 4 on the 18th, however, was unable to catch up to the opposition and finished the match with a loss of 18 to 24.   Terry Ashley (13 - 18) and Anne Knight (21 - 22) also went down.   Len Tebby with his team David Smart, Alan Paterson and Paul Chambers won the top rink prize for the afternoon.

Last Wednesday at home, Marine Gardens faced Pavilion for another round playing in the Stracey Shield on 4 rinks over 21 ends.   With a half time score of 36 to 42 in favour of Pavilion, it proved to be a closely fought match from the beginning.   Sadly Ivan Godsmark having scored a 4 on the 13th end, lost 5 shots to Pavilion on the 20th and ultimately went down 15 to 25.   Mike Hitchins team scored on 13 of the 21 ends against Pavilion Captain Bryan Bodicoat and a 5 shot gain on the 9th end helped to secure a rink victory with a tally of 20 to 12.   David Sayer's match was nip and tuck throughout the second half with both teams level on 20 shots each on the penultimate end.   A  3 shots on the 21st from Sayer's team assured themselves of victory with a final score of 23 to 20.   Brian Fuller losing 5 to 16 at half time fought a hard battle at the commencement of the second half and managed to score an additional 12 shots before going down with a score of 17 to 26.   Following a final match score of 83 to 75 in favour of Pavilion, the visitors won 6 league points with 4 going to Marine Gardens.

Last Thursday playing at home in Division 3 of the WSBL, Marine Gardens secured an emphatic victory against Maltravers with a total score of 97 to 64 despite losing on 2 of the 4 rinks.   Halfway through the match, Marine Gardens had opened up a confident lead of 17 shots and managed to double their score during the remaining ends.   Mike Hitchin with his team comprising Harry Tattersall, Bob Cole and Terry Urben had annihilated the opposition with a resounding 39 to 8 having scored on 16 of the 21 ends then together with 2 x 4's on both the 5th and 10th ends concluded with a 6 on the 21st finally securing a solid rink victory.   Ivan Godsmark was also successful with a 4 on the 15th then a 3 on both the 19th and 21st ends finishing with a tally of 24 to 12.  Leon  White leading earlier in the match by 3 shots was unable to prevent Maltravers from scoring 4 on the 13th end, a 5 on the 19th then a 4 on the 20th, eventually ending with a narrow loss of 21 to 25.   Dennis Martin suffered a similar fate to go down by 6 shots with a score of 13 to 19.   Marine Gardens collected 6 league points with 4 going to Maltravers.

Playing away at Middleton in the second WSBL match of the week, a nail biting finale awaited Marine Gardens following a closely fought encounter with only 2 shots separating the two clubs halfway through the match.   Middleton held a 5 shot advantage on the penultimate end with a score standing at 62 to 67.   Leon White of Marine Gardens delivered a miracle in the form of 5 shots on the final end, then together with Dennis Martin and Ivan Godsmark scoring 2 shots each, brought the overall tally to Marine Gardens 71to Middletons 68.   Dennis Martin was top rink for the day supported by Luigi Sebastiano, David Sayer and Harry Smith, 6 league points were given to Marine Gardens with Middleton collecting 4. 

The WSBL Division 3 League Table shows Marine Gardens now only 2 points behind the current leader Chichester 'B' team,

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