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Club Match Results

(July 22, 2018)

Marine Gardens celebrated its ninth consecutive victory last week playing in Division 3 of the WSBL defeating both East Preston and Chichester 'B' teams on its home turf.   The match against East Preston played over 4 rinks reached a final score of 102 to Marine Gardens - East Preston 66.   Marine Gardens, having won 3 out of the 4 rinks, led the visitors by 6 shots halfway through the match, then turned on the taps to storm ahead in the final ends with a resounding victory winning by a clear margin of over 35 shots.   Ivan Godsmark with his team, Len Tebby, John Nettleingham and Francis Fahey literally obliterated their opponents with a score of 40 to 9 having scored on 16 of the 21 ends by opening the match with a 6 on the 4th end then 5 on the 5th followed by 2 x 4's on the 14th and penultimate ends.   Dennis Martin was successful on his rink with a score of 30 to 19, including Mike Hitchin (20 - 17) whilst Leon White (12 - 19) unfortunately went down.   8 league points were awarded to Marine Gardens with East Preston collecting 2.

The ninth victory for Marine Gardens took place against current Division 3 leaders Chichester 'B' which proved to be anything other than a walkover with both teams locked into a hard fought battle from the beginning.   Harry Smith, level at 10 - 10 on the 13th end produced a superb 5 on the 16th then a 4 on the 18th to edge ahead and finally claim a rink victory of 22 to 15.   Ivan Godsmark, facing a similar problem to Smith and losing by 1 shot on the 10th end, produced a 5 on the 11th end then 7 more shots on the final ends to win 17 to 12.   Mike Hitchin, level at 11 - 11 on the 13th end held his nerve to score on the following 7 ends to eventually win his rink 18 to 15.  Dennis Martin being even with Chichester at 15 - 15 on the 19th end, went down after his opponents fired 4 shots on the final end losing 15 to 22.   The final tally for the match was 72 to Marine Gardens with Chichester 'B' scoring 64.   Marine Gardens were awarded a well earned 8 league points and now elevated to the top of Division 3 leader board with a total of 69 league points with Chichester 'B' at 57 (and one other match to play).

In other news, Marine Gardens were soundly defeated in the second and final round of the Centenary Rose Bowl Trophy by Horsham Bowls Club playing at home last Friday.   The final aggregate scores of both rounds totalled 236 to Horsham and 212 to Marine Gardens.   A disappointing performance by the host club saw Horsham win on 5 of the 6 rinks with Mike Elborough the only winning skip scoring 20 to 14.   Ivan Godsmark on his rink, faced a loss of 7 on the 4th end and despite responding with a 7 on the 10th, then a 3 on the 17th, went down 16 to 24.   Mike Hitchins team battled a nip and tuck in the final ends on their rink leading at one stage by 1 until Horsham sneaked in a 2 on the final ends to take the rink 21 to 20.   Alan Paterson (9 - 31), Brian Fuller (15 - 21), Jim Gray (13 - 22) were the other unsuccessful skips.   At half time, Marine Gardens were well down with the tally standing at 68 to Horsham with Marine 18 shots down at 50.   At the commencement of the second half, Horsham went up by several gears and forged ahead to claim a final match victory of 133 to Marine Gardens 93 with a formal presentation of the Rose Bowl Trophy by Marine Gardens President Mike Elborough to Horsham's Captain subsequent to conclusion of the match.

Last Saturday at home, Marine Gardens earned themselves 8 league points by defeating Goring Manor Hurricanes playing in the Stracey Shield with a final score of 86 to 66.  The half time score stood at 49 to Marine Gardens with the Hurricanes at 35, the host club maintaining the pressure by almost doubling their score in the second part of the match to finally claim victory.   Mike Ives (21 - 15) won his rink against Reg Hillier and Mick Collins (28 - 13) was also successful.   David Sayer scored a 5 on the 6th end then a 4 on the 7th, however the Hurricanes replied with 3 shots on the 13th then 4 on the 17th, nevertheless Sayer narrowly won his rink 22 to 18.   Jenny Ashman despite scoring 10 shots in the second half narrowly went down 15 to 20.

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