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Club Match Results

(July 29, 2018)

Marine Gardens avenged their earlier loss against Pavilion last Wednesday in the Stracey Shield by defeating Worthing's premier club on its own green winning 3 out of 4 rinks played over 21 ends.   At the halfway point, Marine Gardens led Pavilion by 15 shots, however, Marine Gardens struggled to find form from the outset, with Ivan Godsmark's team failing to score for the first 6 ends before finding rhythm to eventually triumph by winning their rink 22 to 12.    Mike Elborough, with a halfway lead of 15 to 12, fought against Pavilion who rallied strongly in the second half by scoring 2 x 5's on the 11th and 17th ends, finally lost his rink with a tally to Pavilion of 30 to 19.   Dennis Martin, holding a comfortable lead of 17 to 4 midway through the match, parried an onslaught by Pavilion during the final ends after losing a 4 then a 6 on the penultimate ends, eventually claiming victory with a score of 25 to 20.   Mike Hitchin, claiming a final victory of 20 to 16 delivered a total of 12 shots to Pavilion's 5 in the second half after holding a slim lead of 8 to 11 midway through the match.   Marine Gardens ultimately ran out the winners with a score of 86 to 78, earning 8 league points with Pavilion collecting 2.

Away playing at Beach House Park, Marine Gardens endured a thrilling but pensive 4 rink match against Homefield Park competing in the Brodie Tray league last Saturday.  Midway through the match, the score stood at 31 to 34 in favour of Homefield Park, however Marine Gardens improved their performance in the second half to draw against the host club with a final tally of 56 to 56.   Dave Mugridge scored a 4 on the 5th end then a further 5 on the 6th finally winning his rink 25 to 13 with the assistance of his team, Noel Stevenson and Terry Urben.   Ivan Godsmark participating in one of the lowest scoring matches of his career, showed a half time tally of 4 to 7 then ending with a final draw of 10 to 10 against D.Sargent.   Both Mike Ives and John Nettleingham each showing a deficit halfway were unable to catch Homefield Park in the second half and unfortunately lost on their rinks.   A total of 7 league points were allocated to Homefield Park with 3 awarded to Marine Gardens.

In Division 3 of the WSBL, Marine Gardens defeated Maltravers away at Littlehampton with a final score of 85 to 67 and achieved their tenth consecutive victory since commencement of the 2018 season.   Harry Smith (23 - 14), Mike Hitchin (23 - 14) and Ivan Godsmark (16 - 14) were all victorious on their respective rinks with a narrow defeat for Dennis Martin (23 - 25) losing by just 2 shots on the penultimate end.   Both Smith and Hitchin with their teams shared the top rink honours for the day, with Marine Gardens collecting 8 league points and 2 to Maltravers.

At home competing in the Stracey Shield, Marine Gardens put up a risible performance against Goring Manor (Spitfires) last Saturday with the host club going down 49 to the Spitfires 90.   From the outset, Marine Gardens midway score was 20 shots behind the Spitfires and during the second half, the visitors doubled their score by over 40 whilst Marine Gardens could only manage 20.   Brian Fuller went down by 5 on the 4th end then again on the 5th by another 5 to finally lose his rink 13 to 27.   Leon White, down by 8 shots at the halfway point scored 5 in the second half in contrast to 15 by his opponents.   Frieda Goulding managing to hold off a strong attempt by the Spitfires to grab an early lead was even on the 19th end at 13 shots each.   The visitors then managed to slip in 3 on the two final ends to claim a rink victory of 13 to 16.   Mike Ives, almost keeping pace with the Spitfires with a 2 shot deficit lost a 4 on the 20th end to go down 13 to 19.   The Spitfires were awarded 10 league points with wins on all rinks, with nil to Marine Gardens.

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