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Club Match Results

(August 19, 2018)

Marine Gardens defeated Lancing for the second time this season by a narrow victory of just 5 shots with a final score of 79 to 74 competing in the Stracey League.   Winning 3 out of the 4 rinks, Leon White emerged as top rink winner for the day assisted by Luigi Sebastiano, Alan Paterson and Norman Deagan.   White played a consistent match throughout with 4's on both the 16th and 17th ends, with Lancing scoring a 4 on the 19th end then a 3 on the penultimate end.   White eventually claimed victory with a well earned score of 26 to 16.   Ivan Godsmark (23 - 18) kept Lancing on their toes with 4 shots on the first end, another on the 6th then a 3 on the 19th to finish triumphant on his rink.    Brian Fuller (16 - 14) was the other successful skip whilst David Sayer (14 - 26) unfortunately lost.   Marine Gardens earned 8 league points with 2 collected by Lancing.

It was a whitewash for Shoreham at Marine Gardens last week when the home team ran out winners with a very creditable 105 to Shoreham's 50.   Marine Gardens won on all rinks with David Sayer (32 - 8) earning the top rink accolade supported by Jill Colbourn, Terry Urben and Mike Ives.   At the halfway point, Marine Gardens held a comfortable lead with a score of 53 to 29 and were never really threatened in the second half by almost doubling the score with all rinks making a concerted effort to ensure victory.   During the latter half, Sayer's team scored 18 shots on 9 ends compared to just 1 shot from the opposition, with Freda Goulding (28 -10) materialising a rink winner, whilst Mike Elborough (24 - 12) showed admirable consistency by scoring on 14 out of 21 ends.   Ivan Godsmark (21 - 20) narrowly excaped defeat when Shoreham managed to score a 6 on the final end.   Accordingly, Marine Gardens took all 10 league points with nil to Shoreham.

In other news, Marine Gardens played host to Rowledge Touring Club from Farnham last Sunday in an invitation to play 6 rinks in a friendly triples match.   Much to the horror and dismay of the host club, they lost on all rinks save one with a final score of 98 to 82.   During the half time break, only one shot separated the 2 teams with a score of 37 to 36, but Rowledge surged ahead in the second half to claim ultimate victory for the day.   The only shining light for Marine Gardens was Bill Spinks with his team Mary Etherington and Bob Cole who won on their rink with a tally of 16 to 13.   Other skips including Terry Urben (13 - 15), Gill Vernau (12 - 16), Janice Sebastianno (12 - 15), Albie Marsella (17 - 22) and Anne Knight (12 - 17) all went down.

Competing in Division 3 of the WSBL, Marine Gardens dream run of 11 straight victories came to an abrupt end when Middleton BC defeated them at home with a final score of 86 to 80.   Playing with a 9 shot deficit halfway through the match, Marine Gardens found Middleton worthy opponents with nip and tuck occurring on most rinks throughout.   Ivan Godsmark (24 - 27) lost his rink after he scored a 4 on the 13th then 6 on the 18th before succumbing to Middleton retaliating with a 7 on the 17th then 4 shots on the 20th end.   Dennis Martin, struggled for form after being 11 shots down halfway and despite scoring 3 on the 21st end finally lost with a tally of 14 to 28.   Mike Hitchin (23 - 13) scored a 6 on the 6th end then suffered a 5 shot loss on the 9th, but held his nerve and ultimately came out top scoring rink for the day.   Harry Tattersall, Bob Cole and Terry Urben ably supported Hitchin to claim the rink victory.   Harry Smith (19 - 18) won his rink with the smallest of margins, but despite the 2 rink victories, Marine Gardens lost the match overall and were awarded 4 league points with 6 going to Middleton.

Playing away at Petworth, in the WSBL, Marine Gardens fell victim to the difficult and unforgiving arrtificial surface of Petworth's green and suffered their second defeat of the week with a final score of 82 to 53.   Losing on all rinks there was no top rink award and Petworth received all 10 league points.    Despite the 2 losses, Marine Gardens are still in first place of the Div 3 leaderboard holding 11 points clear of the nearest competitor.

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