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Club Match Results

(September 09, 2018)

Marine Gardens suffered the effects of an anti-climax this week following the dazzling display the bowls championships had provided in the form of the Club's outstanding Grand Finals event which had entertained the public last weekend.

Playing away at Steyning in 5 rinks of triples, Marine Gardens fell to the superior ability of the host club by losing 4 rinks, going down with a match score of 65 to 91.  A disappointing result given that Marine Gardens were only 9 shots astray at the half time break.   Harry Smith (10 - 30) started well with 4 shots on the 4th end, however, Steyning responded with a 4 on the 7th, again on the 13th and finally finished with a coup de grace on the 21st end with a 5.   Jim Gray went down by 5 shots on the 4th end but replied with a 4 on the 13th, however was unable to catch Steyning and lost 13 to 20.   Mike Ives turned in a stunning performance holding Steyning at bay for the entire match and together with his team Brian Fuller and Mary Etherington won the rink 16 to 10 turning in the only victory for Marine Gardens.   Mike Hitchin (12 - 15) and Mike Elborough (14 - 16) were not so fortunate and both went down.

Marine Gardens then travelled to Pulborough to play the local team in 3 rinks of triples, however the match result was one that should have been consigned to oblivion as Marine Gardens went down losing 38 to 73.   At the half time break, the score stood at 17 - 43 to Pulborough, with Marine Gardens not even scoring on one rink until the 10th end.   Alan Paterson endured a mighty battle after Pulborough scored 4 on the 9th then repeated it on the 10th.   Paterson replied with a 4 on the 11th and eventually pulled ahead in the second half to claim victory with a very creditable 21 to 13.   Jenny Ashman (7 - 39) and Albie Marsella (10 - 21) both wished they were elsewhere that afternoon and decided the match result should best be forgotten!

Playing at home in 4 rinks of triples against Sussex Masonic in the annual encounter, Marine Gardens lost on 3 of the rinks following a match score of 65 to 79.   With only 3 shots separating the 2 teams during the half time break, Marine Gardens produced a further 37 shots in the second half, but were over shadowed by Masonic who drew ahead delivering over 45 shots in the same period.   Francis Fahey lost 5 shots on the 3rd end, but retaliated with a 4 on the 10th, a 4 on the 13th and again on the 17th to win his rink 22 to 16.   Terry Ashley was not so lucky as he lost 4 on the 4th end and despite replying with a 4 on the 6th, Masonic kept up the pressure by delivering another 4 on the 16th for Ashley to lose the rink 12 to 28.   Freida Goulding (12 - 15) and Dennis Martin (19 - 20) unfortunately went down.

 A visit by Oundle Touring Club of Peterborough last Saturday to play in a 6 rink friendly encounter resulted in the 4th loss of the week to Marine Gardens.   Winning on 2 of the rinks and achieving a draw on the third was not enough for the home club to take out the match with Oundle claiming victory by a score of 101 to 86.   Harry Smith started in a positive way with 4 shots on the 7th end, but went down by a 5 on the 8th.  Smith then responded with a 4 on the 14th and a few ends later claimed victory with a rink score of 20 - 16.   Dave Mugridge holding 11 - 5 on the 11th end seemed certain to take a rink victory but Oundle returned fire with a 4 on the 12th, followed by 2 on the 13th then a further 4 on the 14th and on the final end, Oundle won the rink by just one shot with a final score of 18 to 17.   Ivan Godsmark in the unusual position of fighting off a rink loss was 3 shots down at the halfway stage with Oundle scoring 4 at the resumption of play in the second half.   On the 16th end, Godsmark scored a 4 but was unable to maintain the momentum set by the visitors and lost the rink 23 - 10.

A presentation by acting Captain Mike Ives and the Oundle President at the close of play rounded off what had been a delightful afternoon with equally delightful visitors, despite the loss the Worthing club had endured. 

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