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Bowls report for Marine Gardens BC / week ending Saturday 11/05/19

(May 11, 2019)

“Classic Curate’s Egg for Marine”

Thursday 09/05 and Marine Gardens welcomed visitors Pagham for a 4-rink friendly. Notwithstanding some blustery conditions a tight fought game ensued; the away side prevailing by just 9 shots. Top rink for Marine comprised skip Jenny Ashman, with terrific support from Mary Etherington, Linda Gayle and our best; and indeed, only Lancastrian bowler, Harry “Magnum” Tattersall. “Magnum” because of his fondness for a particular ice-cream, not the world’s most powerful handgun.

There was also a good win for skip Mike Hitchin; ably backed up by Jean Stratton, Shaun Coppard and David Smith. Overall rink scores were –

Mary Etherington, Linda Gayle, Harry Tattersall & skip Jenny Ashman 28 v P Burrell 13

Alan Paterson, Ken Murray, Bill Spinks & skip Michael Ives 8 v J Fox 29

Roger Parrish, Norman Deegan MBE, Eric Hayward & skip Albie Marsella 16 v R Pearson 24

Jean Stratton, Shaun Coppard, David Smith & skip Mike Hitchin 25 v K Robins 20

Marine Gardens 77 shots lost to Pagham 86 shots

Friday 10/05 and Marine were once more at home, this time for the opening Stracey Shield match of the 2019 campaign; against the 2018 champions Tarring Priory. This was the good part of the curate’s egg. Priory are always a competitive unit and they had assembled a good team. One rink; skipped by R Lister enjoyed an extraordinary comeback. 21 shots to 4 down after 13 ends, they changed the jack length, their fortune and the rink outcome as Marine lost 7 consecutive ends. Priory eventually winning by 25 shots to 22 against Albert Leatham’s team.

However, across the board Marine made home advantage count with 2 winning rinks and 1 hard fought tie. Special mention must go to skip Mike Hitchin who found himself a shot down on a full-length jack with a multitude of bowls in his way. Not only did he pick a route through and draw up within an inch of the jack to pinch the shot; he then repeated the fantastic feat only this time finishing a half inch away! The 2 shots thus gained stemmed the momentum of the Priory rink.

Overall rink scores were as follows –

Brian Vernau, Alan Patterson, Eric Haywood & skip Brian Fuller 19 v D Thorpe 19

Noel Stevenson, Steve Davis, Gill Vernau & skip Albert Leatham 22 v R Lister 25

Bob Cole, David Smith, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin 19 v R Bland 11

Len Tebby, Pamela Chambers, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark 22 v D Fairs 14

Marine Gardens 82 shots beat Tarring Priory; 69 shots. League points 7 to Marine & 3 to Priory

Saturday 11/05 and Marine Gardens hosted Worthing for their first West Sussex Bowls League (WSBL) match of the summer. And unfortunately, the really rotten part of the curate’s egg!

Last year Marine won their first 11 matches en route to the division three championship & promotion to division two.

Worthing were relegated last season from division one and are known to be short on playing numbers. However, they remain long on experience and quality; both characteristics reflected in their comfortable & fully deserved winning margin of 99 shots to 68. The rink skipped by R Hallett recorded a “hot-shot” on the 18th end. All 8 of their bowls being closer to the jack than any of the Marine bowls. The home teams’ blushes were saved by Harry Smith, who skipped his rink to a strong win by 31 shots to 12. Harry’s game was aided by team-mates Bob Cole, Noel Stevenson & Mike Collins.

Worthing went home with 8 league points and their hopes of a prompt return to division one greatly boosted. Marine Gardens gathered 2 points and the knowledge that much hard work awaits, just to remain in division two. Overall rink scores were as follows –

Harry Tattersall, Norman Deegan MBE, Leon White & skip Terry Ashley 11 v T Poole 24

Jim Back, Steve Davis, Albert Leatham & skip Dennis Martin 14 v R Hallett 34

Bob Cole, Noel Stevenson, Mike Collins & skip Harry Smith 31 v C Young 12

Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark 12 v R Maton 29

Marine Gardens 68 shots lost to Worthing; 99 shots. 8 league points to Worthing; 2 to Marine.

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