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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 25/05/19

(May 25, 2019)

“Captain Michael leads from the front”

A busy & enjoyable week for Marine Gardens began on Monday 20/05 when 4 rinks travelled to Shoreham for a friendly in the charming surroundings of Buckingham Park. The green proved as inconsistent as the weather, but an excellent battle ensued with the home side victorious by just 3 shots.

Skips Jenny Ashman and Mike Hitchin saw their rinks lose by 4 shots each. Ever-cheerful skip Jim Gray; nimbly supported by Jan Hartley, Bill Spinks & Leon White emerged as top rink, winning by 16 shots to 13 having been locked on 8 shots apiece after 13 ends.

However, club captain Michael Ives had a terrific match. Playing as skip he frequently turned heads in his favour or added to the tally when Marine were in the ascendancy. Nevertheless, the Shoreham rink kept hitting back and so the 21st & final end began with both sides on 16 shots.

Captain Mike came to the mat to deliver the final bowl of the match; two shots down and defeat staring him in the face. Undaunted he played with just the right degree of weight to trail the jack to a waiting Marine bowl; two shots the result and the second winning rink!

Rink scores summarised thus –

Mary Etherington, Roy Mills, Terry Urben & skip Michael Ives – 18 shots v D Howe 16 shots

Terry Ashley, Shaun Coppard, Alan Paterson & skip Jenny Ashman – 14 shots v D Clevett 18 shots

Bryan Hartley, David Hughes, Pauline Hughes & skip Mike Hitchin – 18 shots v R Webb 22 shots

Jan Hartley, Bill Spinks, Leon White & skip Jim Gray – 16 shots v D Turnidge 13 shots

Marine Gardens 66 shots lost to Shoreham 69 shots


On Tuesday evening Marine travelled the short distance to Worthing Pavilion, for a friendly against Grasshoppers, who are composed of retired police personnel. The match was 6 lots of triples. A very good-natured duel followed and when the particulars were taken down the verdict was a narrow win for the Grasshoppers; 96 shots, while Marine had 94 shots in their swag-bag.

Top rink for the visitors went to the usual suspects; skip Ivan Godsmark supported by the dubious duo of Davids, Hughes & Smith. They won by 25 shots to 12. A clean pair of heels was also shown by new skip Steve Davis with support from Terry Ashley and Shaun Coppard. They eluded the long arm of the law with a 17 shots to 10 shots win.

Unfortunately, skip Len Tebby proved to be no Moriarty, losing by 11 shots to 22; the other rink members having their collars felt were Mary Etherington and Bill Hebert. Despite the narrow defeat there was no porridge afterwards, instead both sides shared an excellent meal while old acquaintances caught up and new friendships were forged. Perfect evening of bowls & what we have come to expect from our good friends the Grasshoppers.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Alan Paterson, Albie Marsella & skip Noel Stevenson – 17 shots v I Smith 19 shots

Terry Ashley, Shaun Coppard & skip Steve Davis – 17 shots v T Parker 10 shots

Pamela Chambers, David Smart & skip Francis Fahey – 11 shots v B Martin 15 shots

David Hughes, David Smith & skip Ivan Godsmark – 25 shots v E Henshaw 12 shots

Mary Etherington, Bill Hebert & skip Len Tebby – 11 shots v J Lowes 22 shots

Wendy Wilson, Bill Spinks & skip Mike Collins – 13 shots v S Warr 18 shots

Wednesday 22 May; a new day and brand-new opposition with 4 rinks journeying to Hassocks to play Adastra BC. The travel proved worthwhile as the visitors enjoyed a comfortable win by 21 shots. Top rink honours went to skip Jim Gray, with noble support play extended by Roy Mills, Anne Knight and David Sayers. They ran out winners by 23 shots to 11.

Dennis Martin’s rink won by 25 shots to 17, a notable feat being the bagging of 7 shots on 8th end. What happened to the other bowl that could have secured a rare hotshot? We need to know!

Albert Leatham’s rink were 16 shots to 9 down after 15 ends but kept their heads up to lose by just 4 shots overall. The rink included Fred Knight, husband of top rink member Anne. Mixed feelings in the Knight household regarding the new fixture?

Finally, the ever-reliable Ivan Godsmark marshalled his rink to a win by 5 shots, 20 v 15. Ivan was bolstered by Bill Hebert, Pamela Chambers & Albie Marsella.

Rink score summarised thus –

Roy Mills, Anne Knight, David Sayers & skip Jim Gray – 23 shots v P Knight 11 shots

Bill Hebert, Pamela Chambers, Albie Marsella & skip Ivan Godsmark – 20 shots v D Reader 15 shots

Pamela Sayers, Fred Knight, John Nettlelingham & skip Albert Leatham – 15 shots v R Gates 19 shots

Jean Stratton, Magnum Tattersall, Dave Mugridge & skip Dennis Martin – 25 shots v B Small 17 shots

Marine Gardens 83 shots beat Adastra 62 shots


Friday 24 May and a 5-rink social game played away at the excellent East Preston & West Kingston BC. Marine battled hard throughout, but home advantage coupled with strong scoring on 2 rinks left the hosts deserved winners.

Top rink for Marine was specialist skip Mike “Chuckles” Hitchin; known for his patient good humour, who enjoyed strong support throughout from Brian Vernau, Mary Etherington and Norman Deegan. They won by 29 shots to 16.

It was also a good afternoon for new skip Steve “not the snooker player” Davis, who prevailed by 21 shots to 10. Excellent support came from Lyn Leach, David Smith & David Hughes.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Brian Vernau, Mary Etherington, Norman Deegan & skip Mike Hitchin – 29 shots v J Jones 16 shots

Dave Holden, Wendy Wilson, Mike Ives & skip Harry Smith – 8 shots v B Harrison 30 shots

Bryan Hartley, Jill Campbell, Terry Urben & skip Brian Fuller – 15 shots v R Gibbs 18 shots

Lyn Leach, David Smith, David Hughes & skip Steve Davis – 21 shots v G Barnett 10 shots

Alan Paterson, Noel Stevenson, Albert Leatham & skip Gill Vernau – 18 shots v J Cue 28 shots

Marine Gardens 91 shots lost to East Preston 102 shots

 Saturday 25/05 and Marine hosted Goring Manor Spitfires for a Brodie Tray match on what felt like the warmest day of the season so far. The game consisted of 1 rink, 2 triples and 1 pair; the hosts were successful with the pair and 1 triple, but a heavy defeat on the rink meant this particular dogfight went deservedly to the Spitfires.

Husband & wife pair David & Pauline Sayers won by 17 shots to 8. The triple skipped by club secretary Jenny Ashman held on well to record a tight 17 to 15 win. Unfortunately, Mike Hitchin’s triple were eclipsed by just 3 shots, while Pauline Hughes and her rink had a tough afternoon against experienced opponents, eventually losing by 11 shots to 24.

The Spitfires flew away with 6 league points, Marine bagged 4 points.

Rink scores were as follows –

Bryan Hartley, Albie Marsella & skip Mike Hitchin – 10 shots v G Simpson 13 shots

Pauline & David Sayers – 17 shots v M Arnell 8 shots

Jan Hartley, Tony Quinn, Len Tebby & skip Pauline Hughes – 11 shots v H Garry 24 shots

David Smart, Eric Haywood & skip Jenny Ashman – 17 shots v F Tsang 15 shots.

Marine Gardens 55 shots (4 points); lost to Goring Manor Spitfires 60 shots (6 points)

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