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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 01/06/19

(June 01, 2019)

“Marine clinch last gasp win”

Wednesday 29/05 and Marine found themselves huddling at a rain swept Field Place for a Brodie Tray match v Goring Manor Spitfires. By agreement the teams played the 12 ends needed on each rink to constitute a match and then sought sanctuary in the clubhouse. In brief the Spitfires came first, the weather next with Marine last!

Bill Spinks secured a win by 13 shots to 11; backed up by David Hughes, George Tracey & David S. Jenny Ashman also won by 17 shots to 9 to secure 4 league points for the bedraggled visitors.

However, the Spitfires bagged 6 points for their win on two rinks & by 51 shots to 45.

Thursday 30/05 and Marine made the short trip to Lancing for the second Brodie Tray league clash of the week. A hard-fought contest throughout saw the visitors winning on 2 rinks & losing on 2; but they secured victory overall by just 5 shots on the aggregate score. 6 league points for Marine & 4 for Lancing.

Top rink for Marine was Anne Knight, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin who enjoyed a comfortable win by 23 shots to 11 on their rink. Also going home victorious were Bob Cole & Ivan Godsmark who prevailed by 21 shots to 10 in their pairs match. The rinks skipped by Brian Fuller & Steve Davis both lost, but they & their team-mates bagged 26 shots to ensure the overall win for the visitors.

Rink score summarised below -

Len Tebby, Alan Paterson & skip Brian Fuller – 15 shots v D Raymond 21 shots

Brian Vernau, Fred Knight, Gill Vernau & skip Steve Davis – 11 shots v R Waddup 23 shots

Bob Cole & skip Ivan Godsmark – 21 shots v A Wadey 10 shots

Anne Knight, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin – 23 shots v B Gosden 11 shots

Marine Gardens 70 shots & 6 league points beat Lancing 65 shots & 4 league points

Friday 31/05 and Marine journeyed to Middleton for a 4-rink friendly. As usual the green proved tricky; narrow running and heavy, so the visitors persevered but without great success. Harry “Magnum” Tattersall & his rink melted away to a 15-shot reversal. There were also defeats for Jenny Ashman and Harry Smith.

The sole winning rink comprised Bryan Hartley, Wendy Wilson, Terry Ashley & experienced skip Pauline Hughes. They overcame the conditions to secure a 6-shot win and take some consolation back down the A259 for Marine.

Rink scores summarised below -

Jan Hartley, Pamela Chambers, Francis Fahey & skip Harry Tattersall – 10 shots v R Kempson 25 shots

Lyn Leach, David Hughes, Gill Vernau & skip Jenny Ashman – 11 shots v R Gregory 19 shots

Mary Etherington, Bill Hebert, Albie Marsella & skip Harry Smith – 12 shots v T Finch 23 shots

Bryan Hartley, Wendy Wilson, Terry Ashley & skip Pauline Hughes – 20 shots v B Budd 14 shots

Marine Gardens 53 shots lost to Middleton 81 shots

Saturday 01/06 and the new month heralded excellent weather as Marine travelled to Beach House Park for a 4-rink friendly against Homefield Park BC. The green played well, the park looked lovely and the visitors were inspired to a narrow 3 shot win.

However, it was very much a last gasp affair. Skip Jenny Ashman’s rink were the last to finish. Backed up by team-mates George Tracey, Eric Hayward & John Nettleingham; Jenny was winning comfortably, but on the overall scores the teams were dead level.

With one bowl to go Marine were a shot down and facing defeat. But club secretary Ashman was unfazed; delivering with perfect weight she removed the Homefield bowl and converted the position from 1 down to 3 up. Another good performance filed away.

Club captain Mike Ives also enjoyed a good afternoon; winning by 18 shots to 13 with stout support coming from Noel Stevenson, Leon White & Terry Urben.

Special mention must also go to Brian Fuller’s rink who were 15 shots to 9 down after 15 ends but kept fighting to lose by just 1 shot on the 21st end.

Rink scores summarised below –

Steve Davis, Terry Ashley, Albert Leatham & skip Jill Colbourn – 10 shots v T Elton 26 shots

Noel Stevenson, Leon White, Terry Urben & skip Michael Ives – 18 shots v P Treagus 13 shots

Bill Hebert, Albie Marsella, Dave Mugridge & skip Brian Fuller – 16 shots v D Sargent 17 shots

George Tracey, Eric Hayward, John Nettleingham & skip Jenny Ashman – 28 shots v A Turley 13 shots.

Marine Gardens 72 shots beat Homefield Park 69 shots


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