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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Sunday 09/06/19

(June 09, 2019)

“Bumper week for Marine; Terry reigns supreme”

 2nd June and a rare Sunday fixture for Marine Gardens; the visitors being Hedge End BC from Hampshire. It was a very friendly but closely contested match throughout, with Marine just “hedged” out by 1 shot!

It was excellent to see new members Gerry Perch, Mark Berriman, Tony Quinn & Paula Seymour all sporting their club colours so proudly & playing well. But special mention must go to Doreen Dickson. Although a long-standing member she doesn’t normally play inter-club games; believing with characteristic modesty that she isn’t good enough.

However, one of the Marine players went sick at the last moment and rather than see her team-mates play short Doreen gallantly stepped up at five minutes notice for her debut game. Appearing on match captain Pauline Hughes rink she acquitted herself well; the afternoon ending in defeat by only 4 shots. Hopefully it won’t be several years until her second game!

Top rink honours went to skip Harry Smith with sterling support extended by Dave Holden, Gerry Perch and Roy Mills. They won by 23 shots to 15. Credit must also go to skip Steve Davis and his enterprising cohort Wendy Wilson, Tony Quinn and Pauline Sayer. 12 shots to 10 down after 14 ends they kept battling and going into the last end were just 1 shot adrift. 4 shots gathered on the final end gave them victory – but still agonisingly 1 shot down overall.

Rink scores summarised thus -

Dave Holden, Gerry Perch, Roy Mills & skip Harry Smith – 23 shots v D Sawyer 15 shots

Doreen Dickson, Mark Berriman, Jean Stratton & skip Pauline Hughes – 13 shots v J Webb 17 shots

Jan Hartley, Linda Godsmark, Shaun Coppard & skip David Sayer – 15 shots v B Babb 21 shots

Wendy Wilson, Tony Quinn, Pauline Sayer & skip Steve Davis – 17 shots v P Emery 14 shots

Pat Carey, Bill Hebert, Anne Knight & skip Ivan Godsmark – 18 shots v P Fraser 15 shots

Bryan Hartley, Paula Seymour, Mary Etherington & skip Albie Marsella – 9 shots v D Miller 14 shots

Marine Gardens 95 shots lost to Hedge End 96 shots

Wednesday 5 June and Marine contested the 2 rink men’s County competition known as the Abergavenny. It was a derby game against Tarring Priory, with one rink playing at home while the other made the short trip to Church Green.  

Marine’s away rink comprised Terry Ashley, Harry Tattersall, Mike Collins & Harry Smith. Despite their best endeavours it was a tough evening; up against a tricky green and some fine players skipped by Stuart Shwartz. Marine lost that end of the tie by 24 shots to 15.

At home the rink of Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Jim Gray & skip Ivan Godsmark enjoyed a much closer game. Going into the last two ends they had a slender 1 shot advantage. But then the wheels came off as Priory; skipped by Keith Brinsmead, snaffled 7 shots across two ends and a well-deserved win by 24 shots to 18.

Marine Gardens 33 shots lost to Tarring Priory 48 shots

Thursday 6 June and Marine’s 3rd West Sussex League match. The visitors were Maltravers who had been beaten two weeks previously in the game on their green. As expected, a very close encounter ensued between two well matched sides; home advantage eventually told but only by the slender margin of 3 shots. Marine bagged 6 valuable league points and Maltravers took 4 points.

The unflappable Dennis Martin skipped his rink to an impressive win by 26 shots to 11; cool-headed support coming from the dynamic trio Jim Back, David Sayer & Jim Gray. Also victorious was Harry Smith; by 28 shots to 14; determined back-up coming from Tes Ashley, Norman Deegan & Mike Collins.

Ivan Godsmark’s rink lost by just 1 shot, but they were down on the final end until Ivan unleashed a lovely bowl which turned the head to his advantage. The 2 shots garnered on that final end proving to be invaluable to the overall victory. Ivan was well supported by his customary companions; Len Tebby, John Nettleingham & Francis Fahey.

Mike Hitchin’s rink were well beaten by 34 shots to 9. Their reward? To do the washing-up. It’s a tough school at Marine, but at least Mike, Magnum Tattersall, Noel Stevenson & Terry Urben all look good in marigold gloves and know how to wield a tea-towel.

Rink scores summarised below -

Terry Ashley, Norman Deegan, Mike Collins & skip Harry Smith – 28 shots v P Kent 14 shots

Jim Back, David Sayer, Jim Gray & skip Dennis Martin – 26 shots v A Howie 11 shots

Harry Tattersall, Noel Stevenson, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin – 9 shots v G Gatford 34 shots

Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark – 20 shots v B Read 21 shots

Marine Gardens 83 shots (6 league points) beat Maltravers 80 shots (4 league points)

Friday 7 June and Erith Veterans were supposed to be coming along for a friendly match. But having seen the atrocious forecast they wisely cancelled in advance.

Saturday 8 June and Marine welcomed Goring Manor Spitfires for a Brodie Tray match. Husband & wife duo Pauline & David Sayer enjoyed a good win by 17 shots to 8 in the pairs game. Skip Jenny Ashman led her triple to a narrow victory; 17 shots to 15, with strong support from David Smart & Eric Hayward.

Unfortunately, in the other triple skip Mike Hitchin, alongside Bryan Hartley & Albie Marsella were just eclipsed by 3 shots; 10 v 13. Finally, in the rinks game Marine suffered a heavy defeat against strong opponents. Skip Pauline Hughes, along with Jan Hartley, Tony Quinn & Len Tebby lost by 11 shots to 24.

Marine & the Spitfires took 2 rinks each, but the Spitfires prevailed overall by 5 shots, so it was a victory roll in the skies over Field Place!

Rink scores summarised below –

Bryan Hartley, Albie Marsella & skip Mike Hitchin – 10 shots v G Simpson 13 shots

Pauline & David Sayer – 17 shots v M Arnell 8 shots

Jan Hartley, Tony Quinn, Len Tebby & skip Pauline Hughes – 11 shots v H Garry 24 shots

David Smart, Eric Hayward & skip Jenny Ashman – 17 shots v F Tsang 15 shots

Marine Gardens 55 shots (4 league points) lost to Goring Manor Spitfires 60 shots (6 league points)

Sunday 9 June – 10am. A warm & bright morning welcomed the protagonists for the 2019 Marine Gardens Supreme Champion competition. 2018 Ladies Champion Jan Hartley v 2018 Gents Champion Terry Urben. Club President Jill Colbourn kindly acting as marker in this battle of the sexes.

A crowd of at least 15,000 packed Marine Gardens; our thanks to Mr D Trump of Washington for help with the counting. They witnessed some quality bowling and a close game between two well matched players. This is a new competition and in 2017 & 2018 the ladies champions won, so history was against Urben.

However, despite some determined bowling from Jan, Terry managed to gain & keep a slender lead, eventually winning by 16 shots to 12 over 18 ends. A splendid trophy; kindly donated by Jan & husband Bryan, was awarded to Terry. And the fragile egos of the male side of the club were much relieved!

Sunday 9 June – 2pm. The final chapter of a bumper week for Marine was a home friendly against Adastra (Hassocks) comprising 4 rinks. Marine secured a handsome win; winning on 3 rinks and by 83 shots to 52 overall. Top rink honours went to charismatic skip Jenny Ashman; winning by 28 shots to 9, with superb support from Reg Perkins, Bill Hebert and Leon White.

Cheerful Jim Gray also skipped his team to victory by 24 shots to 12. Staunch support extended by Jean Stratton, Lesley McMurdie & John Nettleingham.

Ivan Godsmark was the final winning skip, by 22 shots to 10. Seems unremarkable, but he was 8 nil down after 6 ends; then level after 9 ends and never looked back. This excellent turnaround was inspired by the dashing front end of Bob Cole, Pat Carey & Albie Marsella.

Brian Fuller’s rink lost by 21 shots to 9, despite valiant support from Roy Mills, Mark Berriman & Shaun Coppard.

Rink score summarised below –

Bob Cole, Pat Carey, Albie Marsella & skip Ivan Godsmark – 22 shots v K Woodman 10 shots

Reg Perkins, Bill Hebert, Leon White & skip Jenny Ashman – 28 shots v C Small 9 shots

Jean Stratton, Lesley McMurdie, John Nettleingham & skip Jim Gray – 24 shots v B Small 12 shots

Roy Mills, Mark Berriman, Shaun Coppard & skip Brian Fuller – 9 shots v D Reader 21 shots

Marine Gardens 83 shots beat Adastra 52 shots




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