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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Sunday 16/06/19

(June 16, 2019)

“Gray the only bright spot for Marine”

Thursday 13 June and Marine Gardens welcomed Worthing Pavilion for a Brodie Tray league match. The away game at Pavilion; played in early May, had ended in a hard-fought tie. But this time the visitors were in no mood to share the points and snaffled all 10 with victory by an impressive margin of 40 shots.

The weather was gloomy and the final outcome bleak, but there were some bright spots of comfort for the hosts. The triple of Len Tebby, Barry Cuckow & Brian Fuller were 10 shots to 1 down after 8 ends. But they rallied well in the second half of the match and went into the last end all square on 14 shots apiece. Unfortunately, their endeavour was not rewarded with a win or draw; the visitors scoring 1 shot to take the honours.

But all credit to Messrs Tebby & Fuller, both over 90 years old, backed up the youthful Mr Cuckow for fighting so hard throughout. The rink of skip Pauline Hughes; supported by Jenny Power, Ian Dalton & Bill Spinks were also competitive. They were locked on 10 shots each after 12 ends, but their opponents dominated the closing ends to reach a deserved 19 shots to 12 win.

Rink score summarised thus –

Steve Davis & skip David Sayer – 11 shots v A Palmer 20 shots

Jenny Power, Ian Dalton, Bill Spinks & skip Pauline Hughes – 12 shots v A Pannu 19 shots

David Smart, Leon White & skip Mike Hitchin – 5 shots v R Krupa 28 shots

Len Tebby, Barry Cuckow & skip Brian Fuller – 14 shots v K Chapman 15 shots

Marine Gardens 42 shots (0 points) lost to Worthing Pavilion 82 shots (10 points)

Saturday 15 June – Marine played away to Goring Manor in a Stracey Shield game. In all too familiar scenes for this “summer” the match proceeded in strong winds & bursts of rain. However, the hosts made little of the elements, running out well-deserved winners by a margin of 35 shots. 8 points in the bag for Goring Manor; a consolation 2 points for Marine.

The solitary win for the visitors came courtesy of skip Jim Gray; the terrific trio of Bob Cole, Bill Hebert & John Nettleingham lending strong support. However, going into the final end Marine were 2 shots up, but found themselves 2 shots down with just Gray to play. Anything other than a perfect bowl would have seen the hosts snatch a draw.

But cometh the hour, cometh the man; a precision bowl was delivered and Gray gained 1 shot for his rink and the only bit of cheerful colour on a drab afternoon at Field Place.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Bob Cole, Bill Hebert, John Nettleingham & skip Jim Gray – 22 shots v W Davis 19 shots

Len Tebby, Shaun Coppard, Terry Urben & skip Brian Fuller – 15 shots v T Tsoi 31 shots

Noel Stevenson, Albie Marsella, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin – 13 shots v G Basford 18 shots

David Smart, Steve Davis, Leon White & skip Ivan Godsmark – 11 shots v F Tsang 28 shots

Marine Gardens; 61 shots (2 points) lost to Goring Manor 96 shots (8 points)

Sunday 16 June – A rain & wind-swept Marine Gardens witnessed a clash between the hosts and the visitors Worthing, in the PC Cup. This is the knock-out competition element of the West Sussex League. Four lots of rinks; no points for winning a rink, just the overall score to decide the victors.

There is an old saying about success having many fathers, but failure being an orphan. If that is true, then the Marine Gardens performance wasn’t taking anyone out for lunch on this Father’s Day! Worthing made their superior quality & experience count throughout; emerging with a laudable win by 92 shots to 63.

Dennis Martin’s rink of Jim Back, Dave Holden & Norman Deegan were competitive for much of the match but dropped a six on the 17th end. They continued to fight but were still beaten by 21 shots to 16. The rinks skipped by Ivan Godsmark and Harry Smith both ran into tough opposition; significant defeats being the final outcome; by 10 shots to 37 and by 13 shots to 23 respectively.

The rink skipped by Leon White were the sole winners for Marine. Leon played well and was backed up by Harry Tattersall, Bob Cole and Terry Urben. Their win of 29 shots to 11 included a six picked up on the final end. However, it should be recorded that Worthing only had three men on that rink, so it was 8 bowls each end for Marine and only 6 for Worthing.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Jim Back, Dave Holden, Norman Deegan & skip Dennis Martin – 16 shots v T Poole 21 shots

Magnum Tattersall, Bob Cole, Terry Urben & skip Leon White – 24 shots v T Gordine 11 shots

Noel Stevenson, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark – 10 shots v R Maton 37 shots

Terry Ashley, Steve Davis, Mike Collins & skip Harry Smith – 13 shots v R Hallett 23 shots

Marine Gardens 63 shots lost to Worthing 92 shots

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