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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 06/07/19

(July 06, 2019)

                                                   “Sun shines for Marine’s Mike”

Monday 1 July – Marine welcomed the Sussex Vice-Patrons for a six-rink friendly on a sun-kissed green. The Patrons always field a strong team packed with experience & ability & this year was no different. No great surprise that the Patrons proved worthy winners on all six rinks, with both sets of players enjoying the occasion.

Most competitive rink for Marine comprised Terry Ashley, David Hughes, Fred Knight & skip Frieda Goulding. They fought hard throughout and only succumbed by 16 shots to 18. Marine skip Ivan Godsmark suffered a rare reversal; 12 shots to 1 up after 7 ends he lost by 24 shots to 18 as the Patrons found a higher gear. Ivan was supported by Len Tebby, Wendy Wilson & John Nettleingham.

Rink score summarised thus –

Terry Ashley, David Hughes, Fred Knight & skip Frieda Goulding – 16 shots v P Chuter 18 shots

David Smart, Bill Hebert, Shaun Coppard & skip Jenny Ashman – 17 shots v C Rolph 25 shots

Dave Holden, Matt Ryan, David Smith & skip Norman Deegan – 12 shots v R Roberts 20 shots

Len Tebby, Wendy Wilson, John Nettleingham & skip Ivan Godsmark – 18 shots v R Gardner 24 shots

Noel Stevenson, Gerry Perch, Bill Spinks & skip Jim Gray – 14 shots v G Leaman 37 shots

Anne Knight, George Tracey, Michael Ives & skip Steve Davis – 20 shots v L Bangs 35 shots

Marine Gardens 97 shots lost to Sussex Vice-Patrons 159 shots by 62 shots

Wednesday 3 July – the scores were irrelevant as members gathered to celebrate Captain’s Day. The man himself, Michael Ives, welcomed everyone to a packed green & clubhouse. The play comprised 15 ends of not so fierce competition, with most members; certainly, this correspondent, saving their energy for the superb buffet afterwards.

But special mention must be made of David Smith. A relatively new bowler he played superbly against experienced skip Frieda Goulding. Well done the perma-tanned maestro!

Question - how many rock cakes can a greedy Press Officer eat? Too many! But the important numbers are how many members enjoyed the day? And how much was raised for the Captain’s excellent charity, Meningitis Now? The answers of course are all of them and lots.

Speaking of lots the day closed with a cake auction; a coffee & walnut delight lovingly crafted by Linda Godsmark. After some frantic & generous bidding it was the Captain himself who went home with the spoils. Well done Mike!

Thursday 4 July - American Independence Day and Marine welcomed Lancing for a 4 rink Stracey Shield match. No colonists were liberated, but instead Marine’s grasp on the 10 league points available was loosened and then cast off entirely as Lancing won on all rinks.

The rink of Alan Patterson, Albie Marsella, Norman Deegan & skip Jenny Ashman had most to be proud of. 14 shots to zero down after 7 ends; 19 shots to 8 down after 11 ends, they rallied in the second half to be all square on 19 shots each after 17 ends. However, the Lancing rink was not to be thwarted and they held on to win by 25 shots to 23.

The other Marine rinks comprised experienced bowlers; all with plenty of exposure at this level, but they couldn’t match the visitors. Sometimes you are simply outplayed and just have to say, “well bowled”. But in one tangible silver lining, Steve Davis acquitted himself admirably in his first outing as match captain. A future club Captain? Hopefully so.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Bryan Hartley, David Hughes, Frieda Goulding & skip Ivan Godsmark – 9 shots v P Hilldsen 25 shots

Alan Patterson, Albie Marsella, Norman Deegan & skip Jenny Ashman – 23 shots v J Garsell 25 shots

Jan Hartley, Terry Urben, Steve Davis & skip Brian Fuller – 11 shots v I Humphrey 21 shots

Bob Cole, Anne Knight, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin – 15 shots v D Raymond 23 shots

Marine Gardens 58 shots (0 points) lost to Lancing 94 shots (10 points)

Friday 5 July – Marine Gardens welcomed the 16 gentlemen of Bognor B for a critical West Sussex League match. Both sides in dire need of points, it was the hosts who prevailed; winning by 80 shots to 71 and garnering a vital six points. But the visitors were far from disgraced as they won two rinks and shuffled off down the A259 with four points to show for their efforts.

Top rink for Marine were the usual stalwarts of Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark. They led throughout and finished with a comfortable win by 24 shots to 12. Also, on the victory podium for the first time in this campaign was skip Mike Hitchin. He won by 21 shots to 17 with consistently strong support from Magnum Tattersall, Leon White and Terry “I do like a rock cake” Urben.

Skip Harry Smith and his rink; Terry Ashley, Norman Deegan & Mike Collins suffered an agonising defeat. 9 shots to 1 down after four ends; 15 to 11 down after 12 ends, they fought back to be all square on 17 apiece after 18 ends. But Bognor were not to be denied as they won a single shot on each of the last three ends. Skip Smith could have been forgiven for quoting King George V at the end!

Also, a tad unlucky was skip Jim Gray and his rink of Jim Back, Alan Patterson and David Sayer. They kept it tight and going into the 20th end were only 2 shots adrift; 14 to 16. But Bognor struck hard with a well-made 6 shots. Jim & his men didn’t let their heads go down and bagged 4 shots on the last end, but it was still a win for the Bognor boys by 22 shots to 18. The price of failure for Jim and friends? The post-tea washing-up!

Rink scores summarised thus –

Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark – 24 shots v P Hasler 12 shots

Harry Tattersall, Leon White, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin – 21 shots v J Bladon 17 shots

Terry Ashley, Norman Deegan, Mike Collins & skip Harry Smith – 17 shots v L Hall 20 shots

Jim Back, Alan Patterson, David Sayer & skip Jim Gray – 18 shots v A Hall 22 shots

Marine Gardens 80 shots (6 points) beat Bognor “B” 71 shots (4 points)

Saturday 6 July – Marine scooted down the A259 to Waterloo Square for a first meeting with Bognor “A” team in another West Sussex League clash. The hosts were keen to avenge the defeat of their B team brothers & were aided in that quest by a green that was “sporting” to say the least.

Nevertheless, the visitors tasted success on two rinks and although well beaten went home with a welcome 4 league points in the bag. Life in division two has proven tough; it was always likely to be so, and Marine are in a three-way relegation battle with Maltravers and Bognor “B”.

Top rink for Marine was the ever-reliable Harry Smith, with terrific support from Terry Ashley, Norman Deegan & Mike Collins. They won by 25 shots to 10 and were ahead throughout the match. The other winning rink and 2 points came courtesy of skip Ivan Godsmark & his rink comprising Len Tebby, John Nettleingham & Francis Fahey.

They had a tight duel and were 13 shots to 16 down after 18 ends, but the last 3 ends brought a brace of 2 shots and a single on the last end. A win by just 2 shots but all the better for being hard won.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Terry Ashley, Norman Deegan, Mike Collins skip Harry Smith – 25 shots v R Gardner 10 shots

Len Tebby, John Nettleingham, Francis Fahey & skip Ivan Godsmark – 18 shots v M Edgelock 16 shots

Noel Stevenson, David Sayer, Jim Gray & skip Dennis Martin – 14 shots v A Richards 33 shots

Leon White, Dave Mugridge, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin – 9 shots v J Keers 29 shots

Marine Gardens 66 shots (4 points) lost to Bognor “A” 88 shots (6 points)



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