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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 20/07/19

(July 20, 2019)

                                        “Marine & East Preston A – barnstorming classic”


Thursday 18 July and Marine Gardens welcomed East Preston “A” on a calm sunny afternoon; no signs of the drama that was to unfold. However, three hours later players from both sides looked like they had been put through a mangle, but happily agreed it was one of the best matches they had ever played in.


Tight heads, weighted shots, pin-point accurate drawing, momentum favouring one side then the other; even a small disagreement about the Laws, this game had everything. Best of all was the competitive but always generous spirit on show throughout, with opposing players applauding good shots and apologising for streaky ones. Yes, that should happen as a matter of course, but it doesn’t always.


The bare facts don’t do it justice; Marine Gardens won 2 rinks, so did East Preston “A”, 70 shots to the hosts, 72 for the visitors. So East Preston went home with a thoroughly deserved win and 6 league points, while Marine bagged 4 precious points for their fight against relegation.


Top rink for Marine was Noel Stevenson, Albert Leatham, David Sayer and fortunately mellow skip Dennis Martin. They enjoyed an epic tussle against Jonathan Clear’s rink. Never more than three shots separated the two rinks and by the close of the 18th end Team Dennis were a shot adrift; 15 to 16.


They picked up one shot apiece on the 19th & 20th ends to lead 17 to 16 going into the final end. But the head built in favour of East Preston and by the time skip Dennis came to the mat he was two shots down & looking at defeat. He kept his nerve and delivered a perfectly weighted bowl to trail the jack and secure 3 shots and the win; 20 shots to 16.


Also, on the winner’s podium was skip Harry Smith who prevailed by 22 shots to 19. Harry benefitted from the lion-hearted support of Magnum Tattersall, Norman Deegan & Mike Collins.


Rink scores summarised thus –


Len Tebby, Jim Back, Jim Gray & skip Ivan Godsmark – 14 shots v E Pidgeon 20 shots


Terry Ashley, Dave Mugridge, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin – 14 shots v P McAvoy 17 shots


Harry Tattersall, Norman Deegan, Mike Collins & skip Harry Smith – 22 shots v M Hilton 19 shots


Noel Stevenson, Albert Leatham, David Sayer & skip Dennis Martin – 20 shots v J Clear 16 shots


Marine Gardens 70 shots (4 league points) lost to East Preston “A” 72 shots (6 league points)


Friday 19 July – Marine were scheduled to play the home leg of the Centenary Bowl v Horsham, but the weather had the last laugh & the game was called off.


Saturday 20 July – Marine Gardens made the short trip to Beach House Park for a Brodie Tray league match v old friends Homefield Park.  Usual format of 1 rink, 2 triples and 1 pair. The Nationals may be long gone to Leamington Spa, but the greens still play well, and the park looks colourful. Definitely the most attractive spot in town to play bowls – after Marine Gardens of course!


The visitors had the better of it; winning on 3 rinks and securing 8 points, while the hosts had the consolation of 1 winning rink and 2 points. Top rink for Marine comprised rising star Pamela Chambers, club President Jill Colbourn, the in-form Dave Mugridge and calm campaigner Albert Leatham skipping. They enjoyed a strong win by 26 shots to 6. In the Pairs the duo of Anne Knight & Frieda Goulding combined well and merited their win by 18 shots to 11. Finally, the triple of David Smart, Terry Urben & Mike Hitchin played consistently and ran out winners by 24 shots to 14.


The other triple of Eric Hayward, Gill Vernau & skip Jenny Ashman ran into dogged opposition who fully deserved their win by 21 shots to 14.


Rink scores summarised thus –


Anne Knight & skip Frieda Goulding – 18 shots v J Edwards 11 shots


Eric Hayward, Gill Vernau & skip Jenny Ashman – 14 shots v D Sargeant 21 shots


David Smart, Terry Urben & skip Mike Hitchin – 24 shots v P Mathews 14 shots


Pamela Chambers, Jill Colbourn, Dave Mugridge & skip Albert Leatham – 26 shots v P Mantle 6 shots


Marine Gardens 82 shots (8 league points) beat Homefield Park 52 shots (2 league points)






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