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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 03/08/19

(August 03, 2019)

                                        “President Jill seizes Jubilee Plate!”

Monday 29/07 – Marine played away to Goring Manor with every point vital as the visitors battled relegation. The green was slow but true and for much of the game honours were even; in fact at one point Marine were up on 1 rink while the other 3 were all tied.

But Goring Manor have  an edge in quality and that, coupled with home advantage, gradually began to tell. Final analysis; Marine won 1 rink, tied another but lost on the remaining 2. Overall shots were 75 to Goring Manor & 69 to Marine;  a mere 6 shot margin but in terms of points the hosts took 7 and the visitors only 3. With only 2 matches left Marine have it all to do to avoid a prompt return to division 3.

Marine’s sole winning rink was skipped by Mike Hitchin, with tenacious support from Harry Tattersall, Norman Deegan & Mike Collins. They led comfortably and after 19 ends were 19 shots to 10 up. However, the 20th end saw Goring turn up the heat with 6 shots; another 2 followed on the last end but still Marine’s Mike held on for a 19 to 18 win.

The rink skipped by Ivan Godsmark enjoyed a close duel with the their opponents. After 17 ends the visitors were 18 shots to 13 down, but the next 3 ends saw 6 shots added so Marine went into the final end a shot to the good. The Goring Manor number two drew brilliantly right on the jack and could not be bettered. A 19 all tie was the fair outcome following some decent bowling by both teams. Ivan was supported by Len Tebby, Dave Mugridge & Terry Urben.

Rink scores summarised below –

Harry Tattersall, Norman Deegan, Mike Collins & skip Mike Hitchin – 19 shots v F Tsang 18 shots

Len Tebby, Dave Mugridge, Terry Urben & skip Ivan Godsmark – 19 shots v B Taylor 19 shots

Noel Stevenson, Leon White, David Sayer & skip Dennis Martin – 15 shots v C Wood 18 shots

Bob Cole, Ian Dalton, Terry Ashley & skip Steve Davis – 16 shots v T Tsoi 20 shots

Marine Gardens 69 shots (3 points) lost to Goring Manor 75 shots (7 points)

Wednesday 31/07 – Marine Gardens played away to Worthing Pavilion in a four rink Stracey Shield match. It was to prove a sadly one-sided affair as the hosts won on all 4 rinks and by a margin of 83 shots. Pavilion bagged all 10 league points available.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Noel Stevenson, George Tracey, Terry Urben & skip David Sayer – 11 shots v A Vidler 27 shots

David Smart, Leon White, Albie Marsella & skip Frieda Goulding – 8 shots v G Ives 32 shots

Alan Paterson, Albert Leatham, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin – 18 shots v B Evans 26 shots

Dave Holden, Mary Etherington  Shaun Coppard & skip Jenny Ashman – 5 shots v M Strong 40 shots

Marine Gardens 42 shots (0 points) lost to Worthing Pavilion 125 shots (10 points)

Friday 02/08 – Another day, another Stracey Shield match, this time away to Tarring Priory. The hosts have a strong competitive core and that; coupled with a challenging green, was to prove Marine’s undoing. However, although beaten on 3 of the 4 rinks most of the games were close affairs; as evidenced by the overall margin of defeat -  just 11 shots. The solitary victory for Marine came courtesy of wily campaigner Mike Hitchin who led for most of the game & eventually won by 18 shots to 10. Mike appreciated the consistent excellence of Bob Cole, Fred Knight & Albert Leatham.

Shaun Coppard, David Hughes, Albie Marsella & skip David Sayer also acquitted themselves well. Down 20 shots to 7 after 13 ends they staged a late afternoon rally and eventually lost by just 23 shots to 20.

Also battling hard were Wendy Wilson, Bill Hebert, Steve Davis and skip Ivan Godsmark. After 18 ends they were only a shot adrift at 15 plays 16. But the home rink kept their collective nerve and won by 19 shots to 16.

Finally the rink skipped by Jenny Ashman & comprising Dave Holden, Roy Mills & Pauline Sayer kept plugging away, but they ran into determined & experienced opponents who were not to be denied. The Priory rink proving good value for their 24 shots to 12 win.

Rink scores summarised below –

Shaun Coppard, David Hughes, Albie Marsella & skip David Sayer – 20 shots v W Burrows 23 shots

Wendy Wilson, Bill Hebert, Steve Davis & Ivan Godsmark – 16 shots v D Fairs 19 shots

Dave Holden, Roy Mills, Pauline Sayer & skip Jenny Ashman – 11 shots v A Messer 24 shots

Bob Cole, Fred Knight, Albert Leatham & skip Mike Hitchin – 18 shots v R Bland 10 shots

Marine Gardens 65 shots (2 points) lost to Tarring Priory 76 shots (8 points)

Saturday 03/08 – the sun shone, the benches were full of spectators and the green was full of bowlers as over 50 members assembled for the annual Jubilee Plate match. Two sides of six rinks were lined up; one representing club President Jill Colbourn, the other contending for club captain Mike Ives. So many wanted to play that some people had to play half a game & be subbed on / off.

16 ends of good bowling and even better banter ensued, as both sides fought for the honour of securing the prestigious Plate. Not entirely sure why, as the Plate resides in the clubhouse were all members can look at it!

Nevertheless, when the smoke of battle had cleared it was President Jill who prevailed; her team winning by just a dozen shots. The winning team celebrated by tucking into a delicious spread of sandwiches and home-made cakes. The losing team consoled themselves by tucking into the same feast and simultaneously promising revenge next summer. Another cracking day of friendly bowls at Marine Gardens.


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