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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 11/08/2019

(August 11, 2019)


                      “An ill wind blows no good for Marine Gardens!”

Wednesday 07/08 – the home friendly against Shoreham was cancelled; the visitors being unable to raise a team.

Thursday 08/08 – Marine drove away to Maltravers in Littlehampton for a five rink friendly. The hosts fielded a strong side and made excellent use of home advantage; winning very comfortably on three rinks and overall by 122 shots to 72.

However, it wasn’t all one way traffic as the visitors notched up wins on two rinks. Skip Ivan Godsmark was ahead after 10 ends and never took his foot off the gas. He enjoyed strong support from Steve Davis, Pamela Chambers & John Nettleingham as they won by 26 shots to 12.

Also motoring to a win was skip Frieda Goulding; with Alan Paterson, David Hughes and Leon White as the excellent engine room of the rink. They had a much tougher afternoon being 14 shots to 3 down after 12 ends. But then they went up through the gears to be all square on 16 shots after 20 ends. They held their nerve admirably on the final end to park 2 more shots and a well- deserved win; 18 shots to 16.

Skips Albert Leatham, Jenny Ashman & Mike Hitchin all went “off-road” and without maps couldn’t locate winning ways. All credit to Maltravers for a splendid victory.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Lyn Leach, Shaun Coppard, Norman Deegan & Albert Leatham – 6 shots v T Jones 36 shots

Mary Etherington, Albie Marsella, Dave Mugridge & skip Jenny Ashman – 12 shots v A Howe 30 shots

Brian Vernau, Lesley Mc Murdie, Gill Vernau & skip Mike Hitchin – 10 shots v A Denyer 28 shots

Steve Davis, Pam Chambers, John Nettleingham & skip Ivan Godsmark – 26 shots v J Sheldon 12 shots

Alan Paterson, David Hughes, Leon White & skip Frieda Goulding – 18 shots v A Mitcheal 16 shots

Marine Gardens 72 shots lost to Maltravers 122 shots

Friday 09/08 – On a blustery afternoon Marine welcomed Oxshott BC from Surrey for a six rink friendly. The visitors had travelled with a strong team who belied the tricky conditions to win on five rinks and by an overall margin of 122 shots to 90.

To be fair to the hosts two of their rinks were edged out by just a single shot. Pamela Chambers, Linda Godsmark, Steve Davis & skip Ivan Godsmark lost by 14 shots to 15, conceding the fatal shot on the final end. Shaun Coppard, Fred Knight, Pauline Sayer & skip Gill Vernau lost by 15 shots to 16, but they were up by 15 shots to 8 after 17 ends before being overtaken.

The sole bright spot for Marine came courtesy of skip Dennis Martin who prevailed by 24 shots to 14. He was ahead after six ends and sustained the momentum with terrific support from Linda Gayle, Roger Parrish and club coach Terry Ashley.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Pamela Chambers, Linda Godsmark, Steve Davis & skip Ivan Godsmark – 14 shots v Eddie 15 shots

Brian Vernau, Bob Mugridge, Ann Knight & skip Mike Ives – 12 shots v Brenda 26 shots

Lesley McMurdie, Bill Hebert, David Hughes & skip David Sayer – 13 shots v J Spean 23 shots

Shaun Coppard, Fred Knight, Pauline Sayer & skip Gill Vernau – 15 shots v D Ridger 16 shots

Barry Cucknow, Ken Murray, Eric Hayward & skip Jenny Ashman – 12 shots v Steve B 28 shots

Linda Gayle, Roger Parrish, Terry Ashley & skip Dennis Martin – 24 shots v J Williams 14 shots

Marine Gardens 90 shots lost to Oxshott 122 shots

Saturday 10/08 – the home friendly against Hangleton was a victim of the weather with gale force winds and flying leaves, twigs & other debris; including a girl on a bike plus small dog looking for Kansas -  rendering play unsafe.

Sunday 11/08 – Calmer conditions welcomed Rowledge to Marine Gardens, the visitors arriving for a friendly match composed of five triples. A good natured tussle ensued with the home side prevailing on three rinks and only losing by a single shot on the fourth. Unfortunately, the last rink lost by 26 shots to 8 which was enough to see Rowledge to victory overall; 79 shots to Marine’s 73.

Top rink honours for the hosts went to Linda Godsmark, Lesley McMurdie & skip Alan Paterson who won by 19 shots to 11. They bagged 7 shots on the 7th end and never looked back. The trio of Jean Stratton, Steve Davis and skip Leon White contrived to drop 6 shots on the 14th end and went behind for the first time in the match. Fortunately, they bounced back over the final ends and closed out with an impressive 19 to 15 win.

Paula Seymour, Linda Gayle & Pauline Hughes were leading by 14 shots to 9 after 15 ends, but had to battle to restrict the opposition scoring; they held on, just, winning by 14 shots to 13. Ivan Godsmark, with Jan Hartley and Jill Colbourn in support came from behind to be all square on 13 apiece after 17 ends. But on the last end they lost the crucial shot.

Mark Berriman, Albie Marsella & skip Jenny Ashman plugged away but ran into tough opposition; losing by 26 shots to 8.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Jean Stratton, Steve Davis & skip Leon White – 19 shots v Ken 15 shots

Linda Godsmark, Lesley McMurdie & skip Alan Paterson – 19 shots v Ian 11 shots

Jan Hartley, Jill Colbourn & skip Ivan Godsmark – 13 shots v Aldo 14 shots

Paula Seymour, Linda Gayle & skip Pauline Hughes – 14 shots v Valerie 13 shots

Mark Berriman, Albie Marsella & skip Jenny Ashman – 8 shots v Mehdi 26 shots

Marine Gardens 73 shots lost to Rowledge 79 shots

NB – Sunday 18 August is the Captain’s Charity Fun Day. From 11am till 3pm there will be fun games on the green; plus book sale, tombola, spirit raffle and cake sale by the club-house. All proceeds to the excellent charity Meningitis Now. Club members will be there in force, but it would be lovely to see the public also support this worthy cause and have some fun.

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