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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 24/08/19

(August 24, 2019)

                                    “Fun filled triples comp ends sun dappled week”

Wednesday 21/08/19 – Marine Gardens journeyed down the A259 for a 5-rink friendly against Norfolk BC; located a stone’s throw from Littlehampton beach. The usual good-natured duel ensued, but our friends from Norfolk made best use of home advantage winning on 3 rinks and by 104 shots to 81.

However, Marine had 2 winning rinks. Skip Dennis Martin won by 21 shots to 17; Dennis enjoying determined support from Anne Knight, Albie Marsella & Leon White. They were a shot adrift; 16 to 17 after 18 ends were completed but finished strongly to edge the win.

Also enjoying the warm glow of victory was skip Mike Hitchin and his experienced rink comprising Roger Parrish, David Hughes and Norman Deegan. Theirs was a close fought affair, but they were always just ahead and so it finished 17 shots to 14.

Rink score summarised below –

Barry Cucknow, Jean Stratton, Alan Paterson & skip Ivan Godsmark – 13 shots v R Ayling 27 shots

Roger Parrish, David Hughes, Norman Deegan & skip Mike Hitchin – 17 shots v T Longman 14 shots

Jill Colbourn, Mike Collins, Dave Mugridge & skip Jenny Ashman – 14 shots v D Fisher 23 shots

Anne Knight, Albie Marsella, Leon White & skip Dennis Martin – 21 shots v J Raggett 17 shots

Wendy Wilson, David Smith, Pauline Hughes & skip Jim Gray – 16 shots v L Mockett 23 shots

Marine Gardens 81 shots lost to Norfolk 104 shots

Thursday 22/08/19 – Marine were away again, this time to Southwick Park for a 4-rink friendly. Wins followed on 2 of the rinks but overall the match went to the hosts.

Friday 23/08/19 – Once more on the road, Marine Gardens found themselves at the delightful Arundel BC for a 4-rink friendly played in the shadow of the castle battlements. The Arundel Festival was also in full swing so amongst the stilt-walking Victorian policemen, wandering minstrels and garish jugglers the bowls club was an oasis of relative calm.

As it often does victory went to the hosts, but they were made to labour hard as the visitors won comfortably on 1 rink and tied another. The eventual margin was 66 shots to Marine & 73 to Arundel.

Marine’s winning rink came courtesy of skip Jenny Ashman who marshalled her team well to secure a win by 23 shots to 16. Jenny enjoyed the consistent support of Mary Etherington, Dave Holden & Terry Urben. Elsewhere skip Ivan Godsmark; backed up by Pamela Chambers, Matt Ryan & Anne Knight, fought back from being 12 shots to 7 down after 13 ends, to being 15 shots to 12 up after 19 ends.

But any hopes of a win were dashed as their opponents collected 3 shots across the last 2 ends to secure a well- deserved tie.

Rink score summarised below –

Mary Etherington, Dave Holden, Terry Urben & skip Jenny Ashman – 23 shots v D Stevens 16 shots

Wendy Wilson, Roger Parrish, Leon White & skip Frieda Goulding – 14 shots v B Stevens 24 shots

Pamela Chambers, Matt Ryan, Anne Knight & skip Ivan Godsmark – 15 shots v R Mills 15 shots

Bill Hebert, Roy Mills, Bob Cole & skip Harry Smith – 14 shots v A Olliver 18 shots

Marine Gardens 66 shots lost to Arundel 73 shots

Saturday 24/08/19 – the sun beat down as 36 Marine Garden’s members gathered for an internal triples’ competition; 12 teams of 3 in a round-robin format. Conditions were hot already and the fierce competition on the green only added more warmth, albeit good natured throughout.

Marine Gardens has retained Green Flag status for 2019 so it was only fitting that the winning trio was Team Green, comprising Doreen, Richard & Jill. Their reward was some refreshing wine, while the Captain’s charity Meningitis Now also benefitted from a share of the entry / raffle proceeds.

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