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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 31/08/19

(August 31, 2019)

“Marine Gardens Finals – High drama at the Stadium of Benches!”

The football season has begun and the faithful at grounds like Sunderland’s “Stadium of Light” are embracing the new campaign. But down at Marine Gardens; our very own “Stadium of Benches”, late August and September still brings plenty of bowling action.

Wednesday 28/08 saw a journey to Henfield for a 6-rink friendly. The trip proved very worthwhile because in addition to enjoying the renowned Henfield hospitality on & off the green, the visitors mustered a strong win by 115 shots to 86; winning on 3 rinks.

Top rink honours went to Roger Parrish, John Nettleingham & skip Ivan Godsmark who won by 34 shots to 8. There was also an impressive showing from Steve Davis, Dave Mugridge and skip Mike Hitchin who won by 25 shots to 8. Finally, skip David Sayer, backed up by Shaun Coppard and David Smith won by 16 shots to 11.

Rink scores summarised below –

Mary Etherington, Mike Collins & skip Frieda Goulding – 14 shots v D Mac 18 shots

Bill Hebert, Albie Marsella & skip Dennis Martin – 13 shots v T Whitehead 19 shots

Steve Davis, Dave Mugridge & skip Mike Hitchin – 25 shots v Ted 8 shots

Roger Parrish, John Nettleingham & skip Ivan Godsmark – 34 shots v J Wilson 8 shots

Shaun Coppard, David Smith & skip David Sayer – 16 shots v B Wilson 11 shots

Lesley McMurdie, Anne Knight & skip Pauline Sayer – 13 shots v M Appleyard 22 shots

Marine Gardens 115 shots beat Henfield 86 shots

From Thursday 29/08/19 to Saturday 01/09/19 inclusive the attractive Marine Gardens green witnessed a cavalcade of excellent bowling as the club competition finals were played out. Quality play, tight ends and even tighter matches kept the large crowd of spectators enthralled. The opening salvo was fired by Ivan Godsmark & Terry Urben in the 2-bowl yardstick; so-called because only bowls within a yard of the jack score.

Urben had the better of the early ends and built a healthy lead. Godsmark fought back, but with the ends running out it was Urben who prevailed by 12 shots to 7.

But Ivan’s day was not done as he features in no fewer than six finals! Back out in the afternoon sun he partnered Shaun Coppard in the Handicap Pairs v Harry Tattersall & Ian Dalton. Godsmark & Coppard started on minus 6 shots but gradually whittled that away, albeit Tattersall & Dalton kept it tight.

In the end Godsmark & Coppard won by 13 shots to 10; the difference being Godsmark’s ability to break-up heads when 4-5 shots down. He managed that 2 to 3 times and that was enough to eclipse the terrific endeavours of Tattersall & Dalton.

Thursday’s final match was the Handicap Singles; Dennis Martin v Dennis Crossweller; both men playing off zero and first to 18 shots the victor. It was an exchange of singles in the early rounds and then Crossweller began playing with admirable consistency and gently moved into an imposing lead, 15 shots to 6 so only 3 needed to secure the trophy.

But then Martin won an end and dramatically changed the mat position & jack length. 3 shots on that end was the result so he understandably persevered with this tactic. Although not always casting the jack successfully the change seemingly unsettled Crossweller and Martin’s score continued to mount steadily.

Finally, after 24 ends Dennis Martin emerged as the winner; by 18 shots to 15, thereby completing a fightback of Ben Stokes-ian proportions!

Friday 30/08 dawned; a new day and new stories to write in the history of the club finals. Terry Urben and Ivan Godsmark crossed swords once again; this time in the 100-up and a replay of last year’s final. This time it was Godsmark who played more accurately and built a lead of 14 points, but Urben kept plugging away and a 9 on the penultimate end left both players tied on 95!

However, Ivan kept his nerve well and produced an excellent end to secure 9 points and the trophy. Final score was 104 points to Godsmark and 96 to Urben.

On an adjacent rink Dennis Crossweller was contending with Ian Dalton for the Junior Cup; reserved for those who haven’t already won any other club competition. Yet another absorbing duel ensued, with both players producing some really terrific bowls. However, the rewards went to Ian Dalton; a much-improved player over the past 2 seasons, as he deservedly won by 19 shots to 16.

Friday afternoon and two more matches; Ivan Godsmark v Dennis Crossweller for the Championship Singles and alongside them the Mixed Pairs; Terry Ashley & skip Frieda Goulding v Wendy Wilson & skip Eric Hayward.

In the blue-ribbon Championship Singles, it was Godsmark who moved into a lead which he was never to relinquish. Crossweller fought hard throughout, several times coming in with an excellent bowl to either pinch the end or at least cut down the tally against him. He staged a late revival, but Godsmark was simply not to be denied as he won by 21 shots to 13 and bagged his third trophy from four starts.

Everyone’s attention then rightly turned to the Mixed Pairs where experienced campaigners Terry Ashley and Frieda Goulding were hoping to reacquaint themselves with a trophy they have won before. Fair to say that Wendy Wilson & Eric Hayward; both playing in their first outdoor finals, were the underdogs.

Nevertheless, it was Wendy and Eric who played steadily and enjoyed a lead of 19 shots to 10 as the finals ends loomed. Here the experience of Ashley & Goulding showed as they gradually started to erode that lead. Coming into the 18th and final scheduled end Wendy & Eric were still ahead, by 19 shots to 16.

Terry & Frieda had won the previous end, so a long jack was cast; Terry reached it with 3 of his 4 bowls but it was Wendy who held shot as the leads finished their work. The skips exchanged bowls and suddenly following a lovely trail from Frieda, Wilson & Hayward were 3 shots down and staring an extra end in the face.

Up stepped Hayward to deliver what will almost certainly be the shot of these finals. Full length, finding a track through several shorter bowls he drew right up to the shot bowl and then sat down off it to secure the end, the match and the trophy – and with no overtime needed!

Saturday 31/08 – the morning session saw two finals. The Stan Wheeler cup; three bowl singles, best of 18 ends, was played by Harry Tattersall & Terry Urben. The popular Lancastrian Tattersall, notorious for his fondness for Magnum ice-creams, immediately found a consistent line & length which Urben simply couldn’t match. Consequently, Magnum Tattersall emerged victorious by 16 shots to 12.

In the Veteran Singles; over 70s only and first to 18 shots, Ivan Godsmark was lined up against Harry Smith. The latter is a fine player; experienced and determined, but Godsmark has been in great form all summer, as witnessed by his appearance in six finals. As a result, Ivan ran out the deserved winner; by 19 shots to 3.

Saturday afternoon saw the last three finals. In the Ladies Pairs new members Lesley McMurdie and Jenny Power were ranged against the experience of Jenny Ashman and Pauline Hughes. It was a nip & tuck affair with both duos producing some commendable play, but eventually experience told and it was Jenny & Pauline who won by 18 shots to 14.

A few rinks away the Men’s Pairs was disputed by David Smart & skip Dennis Martin, against Jim Gray and the ever-present Ivan Godsmark. Despite valiant effort by Smart & Martin this was to prove a comfortable win for Gray & Godsmark by 27 shots to 10. Thus, making five trophies from six starts for the irrepressible Ivan!   

On a rink between the two pairs matches the Ladies Singles final was being played; club President Jill Colbourn v Jan Hartley. Usually pairs matches take longer to play than singles; more bowls, more players, it makes sense! But this game was something special.

Jan started well and moved into a 9-nil lead. But Jill fought back and was soon only a shot adrift at 9 to 10. Jan re-asserted herself and was soon 15 shots to 10 up. But Jill was not finished and as the pair’s games concluded and all focus switched to the singles, she kept plugging away.

There was much measuring done and usually it was only single shots exchanged. As a result, the ends played mounted and the time passed. The sun started to wane & it felt like autumn arriving at the Stadium of Benches. On the 27th end Jill secured a single that brought her level; 17 shots each, for the first time in the match.

But the now epic tussle ground on, with Jill finding herself, with 20 shots already against her name, holding a match winning 4 bowls nestled close to the jack. Unperturbed, Jan stepped up and delivered a perfect bowl to draw right to the jack. A vital shot gained, but it was still 19 shots to 20 in favour of Jill Colbourn.

The frazzled marker had already obtained a new scorecard as the 32nd end began. Normal cards only go up to 30! With a large crowd revelling in the good natured but high-quality match, it was to be Jill Colbourn who closed things out by securing 2 shots and victory overall by 22 shots to 19 after nearly three hours of high-class competition. Great play by both ladies drew a deserved ovation as they quit the green.

Competition scores summarised below –

Thursday 29/08

2 wood yardstick; Terry Urben 12 shots beat Ivan Godsmark 7 shots.

Handicap drawn pairs; Ivan Godsmark & Shaun Coppard 13 shots beat Harry Tattersall & Ian Dalton 10 shots.

Handicap Singles: Dennis Martin 18 shots beat Dennis Crossweller.

Friday 30/08

Junior Cup (for those who have never won a trophy previously); Ian Dalton 19 shots beat Dennis Crossweller 16 shots.

100-up; Ivan Godsmark 104 points beat Terry Urben 96 points.

Championship singles; Ivan Godsmark 21 shots beat Dennis Crossweller 13 shots.

Mixed Pairs; Wendy Wilson & skip Eric Hayward 20 shots beat Terry Ashley & skip Frieda Goulding 16 shots.

Saturday 31/08

Veteran singles; Ivan Godsmark 19 shots beat Harry Smith 3 shots.

Stan Wheeler Cup; Harry Tattersall 16 shots beat Terry Urben 12 shots.

Men’s Pairs; Jim Gray & Ivan Godsmark 27 shots beat David Smart & Dennis Martin 10 shots.

Women’s Pairs; Pauline Hughes & Jenny Ashman 18 shots beat Lesley McMurdie & Jenny Power 14 shots.

Women’s Singles; Jill Colbourn 22 shots beat Jan Hartley 19 shots.

NB – Also presented was the trophy for the Tuesday morning triples league which finished the week before. The winners were the “Condors”; comprising Mike Collins, Jill Campbell, Lesley McMurdie, Jim Back, Brian Vernau, Colin Markland & David Smith.

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