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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Saturday 14/09/19

(September 14, 2019)

“More fun in the sun as Marine hit the road”

Sunday 1 September & Marine made the lengthy trek to picturesque Rottingdean for a 4-rink friendly. Rottingdean has famous literary connections having been home to Rudyard Kipling and Enid Bagnold; author of National Velvet.

Unfortunately, the visitors were unable to write a successful tale of their own as the hosts won on 3 rinks and by a substantial margin; 102 shots to 53.

Nevertheless, the visitors enjoyed the delightful setting including a view of the famous windmill; the cold beer and refreshing G&Ts post-match; the evening rounded off by a team meal at the best fish & chip shop in Worthing. A number of new members played and learned plenty of lessons about reading other greens.

Results mean little when everyone; long-standing members and new ones alike are having a great time and forging new friendships. There was one bright spot on the green for Marine. The rink skipped by Leon White won by 24 shots to 13, with sterling support coming from Tilly Hennings, Anne Knight & Pamela Chambers.

Rink score summarised thus –

Bill Hebert, Mark Berriman, Lesley McMurdie & skip Bob Cole – 9 shots v J Nakough 33 shots

Paula Seymour, Shaun Coppard, Albie Marsella & skip Terry Urben – 11 shots v R Teagle 18 shots

Tilly Hennings, Anne Knight, Pamela Chambers & skip Leon White – 24 shots v M Kimber 13 shots

Clive Wootton, Wendy Wilson, Alan Paterson & skip Steve Davis – 9 shots v D Brown 38 shots

Marine Gardens 53 shots lost to Rottingdean 102 shots

Tuesday 10 September – A quick drive up the A24 to Southwater; a new fixture this season, for a friendly game consisting of 4 triples. Although losing on 3 rinks and by 82 shots to 64 the trip was worthwhile. The Southwater green played very well, the setting was peaceful and the tea superb!

Southwater were a friendly crowd and that rare creature; a newish bowling club having been formed just 27 years ago. We look forward to more matches in the future. The sole winning triple for Marine was Bryan Hartley, David Smith and skip Ivan Godsmark who won by 25 shots to 13. The other 3 triples all competed gamely but home advantage and strong opposition won out.

Rink score summarised thus –

Anne Knight, Pamela Chambers & skip Harry Smith – 12 shots v M Allmond 24 shots

Jan Hartley, Mike Collins & skip Mike Ives – 12 shots v L Andrews 22 shots

Wendy Wilson, Albie Marsella & skip Bob Cole – 15 shots v B French 23 shots

Bryan Hartley, David Smith & skip Ivan Godsmark – 25 shots v M Hargrave 13 shots

Marine Gardens 64 shots lost to Southwater 82 shots

Thursday 12 September – Marine hosted Maltravers in a 5-rink friendly and a cracking game ensued. The home team won on 3 rinks and only lost narrowly on the fourth. But a stern reversal; by 28 shots to 10 on the last rink meant the visitors garnered enough shots for a well-deserved tie – 90 shots each!

Top rink for Marine was skipped by the ever-reliable Harry Smith. He won by 25 shots to 11 with first class support from Reg Perkins, Matt Ryan & Pauline Sayer. Also winning well was Ivan Godsmark; by 22 shots to 16; with enthusiastic backing from Bryan Hartley, Dave Holden & Albert Leatham.

Finally, the rink of Jan Hartley, Mary Etherington, Noel Stevenson & skip Jenny Ashman battled hard to secure a squeaky 1 shot win; 18 to 17.

Rink scores summarised thus –

Reg Perkins, Matt Ryan, Pauline Sayer & skip Harry Smith – 25 shots v Sue 11 shots

Bryan Hartley, Dave Holden, Albert Leatham & skip Ivan Godsmark – 22 shots v Polo 16 shots

Jan Hartley, Mary Etherington, Noel Stevenson & skip Jenny Ashman – 18 shots v Maz 17 shots

Bill Hebert, Anne Knight, Eric Hayward & skip David Sayer – 15 shots v Jean 18 shots

Roger Parrish, Bob Muggridge, Pamela Chambers & skip Brian Fuller – 10 shots v Arthur 28 shots

Marine Gardens 90 shots drew with Maltravers 90 shots

Friday 13 September – Marine were at home once more; this time the visitors were old friends East Preston who arrived in glorious sunshine for a 5-rink friendly. It was generally a nip & tuck affair across the piece, but at the close Marine prevailed on 3 rinks and won outright by 102 shots to 95.

Top rink honours went to skip Leon White who won by 28 shots to 10. The wily maestro White conducted the game well and was accompanied tunefully by Terry Ashley, Bill Hebert and Noel Stevenson.

It was also a solid win for sanguine skip David Sayer; his relaxed style bringing out the best from teammates Roy Mills, David Smith & Mrs Pauline Sayer! The rink skipped by Jenny Ashman had an excellent duel with their opponents and could never shake lose. Consequently, it was 18 shots apiece going into the last end. Thankfully it was the home rink who held their collective nerve to win by 2 shots. Jenny enjoyed the unstinting support of Mary Etherington, Pat Cary & Terry Urben. 

Rink score summarised thus –

Mary Etherington, Pat Cary, Terry Urben & skip Jenny Ashman – 20 shots v M Brown 18 shots

Dave Holden, Steve Davis, Albie Marsella & skip Dennis Martin – 14 shots v D Gibbard 30 shots

Roy Mills, David Smith, Pauline Sayer & skip David Sayer – 25 shots v D Davies 16 shots

Terry Ashley, Bill Hebert, Noel Stevenson & skip Leon White – 28 shots v G Walton 10 shots

Wendy Wilson, Gerry Perch, John Nettleingham & skip Ivan Godsmark – 15 shots v I Cambert 21 shots

Marine Gardens 102 shots beat East Preston 95 shots

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