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Marine Gardens BC – report for AGM 03/12/19

(December 03, 2019)

Marine Gardens BC – report for AGM 03/12/19

    “Mike Merits Cup!”

Tuesday 3 December 2019 saw over sixty members of Marine Gardens Bowls Club cram into the Reformed Church, Barrington Road, for the 89th Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Reports were heard from the usual officers and members were reassured of the ongoing financial and administrative strength of the club. Thanks, due to our very own “Iron Chancellor”; Norman Deegan MBE and industrious Secretary Jenny Ashman. 

Not only were there volunteers for all posts, but the role of vice-captain was contended by three excellent candidates. After the votes were counted Albie Marsella emerged victorious. Hard-working Match Secretary Bob Cole confirmed that circa 70 matches were already arranged for next summer; a warming thought for a chilly December afternoon! 

Club Captain Michael Ives thanked members for their support throughout the year; in particular for the generosity shown to his charity Meningitis Now. Next year the club will raise funds for the equally deserving Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice. It is in the Captain’s gift to award the Merit Cup; this goes to the member who, in the captain’s opinion, has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the club. 

The 2019 winner was Mike Collins for; in no particular order of importance, helping to water the green, helping to run the Monday afternoon drive; for running the Tuesday morning triples league, for always being on hand to sweep the green and set out equipment, and for organising the Bonus Ball thereby raising extra funds for the club. Well done Mike – a well merited Merit Cup winner! 

Another really great feature was the number of new club members stepping up to help out with various tasks – Steve Davis; Competition Secretary, Pamela Chambers; Assistant Secretary, Welfare Officer; Clive Wootton; Safeguarding Officer, Paula Seymour; Raffle prize provision; Mark Berriman & Paula Seymour.  

In keeping with the season Christmas cards were exchanged during the tea break and in closing the meeting Club President Jill Colbourn wished all members a Merry Christmas & happy New Year. 

The green will reopen in April 2020. The friendliest club in town has 90 members but there is room for a few more. Anyone who fancies a taster session; no charge & all equipment provided, should contact club coach Terry Urben on 01903 700662. 

Summary of club officers for 2020 

President – Jill Colbourn 

Captain – Michael Ives 

Vice-captain Albie Marsella 

Secretary – Jenny Ashman 

Assistant Secretary – Pamela Chambers 

Treasurer – Norman Deegan MBE

Match Secretary – Bob Cole 

Competition Secretary – Steve Davis 

Clubhouse Manager – Bill Spinks 

Social Secretary – Shaun Coppard 

Safeguarding Officer – Paula Seymour 

Welfare Officer – Clive Wootton 

Press Officer – Terry Urben 

General committee members – Gill Vernau & Leon White  

Club coaches – Terry Ashley & Terry Urben


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