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Marine Gardens BC – Members Update

(April 06, 2020)

Marine Gardens Bowling Club – Members Update.

We are all now aware of the current crisis and we have uncertain times ahead, but we are all hopeful that this time will pass quickly, and we will all be back to the bowling green soon.

Like so many other sports, bowls have been significantly challenged by the coronavirus and this is only likely to accelerate in the weeks ahead.

The general committee have two key priorities during this period.

Our first priority, as we have recently taken over full maintenance of our green, is to work with our contractors to keep the green in the best possible condition so that a good playing surface is ready and available to us when we are able return to bowling

There are many rumours making the rounds regarding council greens as they may not be able to continue the maintenance of council greens due to other priority work.

If we allow our green to deteriorate to a poor condition by not continuing the maintenance of the green, it will be very expensive to restore the green to a decent playing surface before we can return to play in the future, whenever that may be.

We want to make sure whatever action we take has the greatest positive impact and would allow the club and its members to return to normal bowling activities as soon as possible and government guidance allows us to do so. 

We would welcome and take on board members ideas and concerns to help us. As we are unable to meet at the moment all communications with members is through the internet. As a number of our members are unable to access the internet, we would be grateful if members could talk to each other by any means available to them, to pass on these updates from the general committee.

Our second priority is cash flow, we would like to thank our members for all their support and the encouragement we are receiving from them.

We have made an application to Sport England’s, Community Emergency Fund for financial help and support, we will update members if we are successful. 

We have consulted with our contractors and we are working together to come up with an agreement that suits both parties while we get through this difficult and tough period. 

There is also a remote chance of a refund of our club affiliation fees paid to Bowls England and Sussex County Bowls.

Finally, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all our members for their support in these difficult and uncertain times, we will get through this if we help each other.

Look after yourselves, stay safe and we look forward to meeting on the green, hopefully very soon rather than later in the season.

Norman Deegan. MBE. Hon. Treasurer

On behalf of Marine Gardens Bowling Club, General Committee.


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