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Marine Gardens BC – report for week ending Sunday 17/05/20

(May 17, 2020)

“Following the Prime Minister’s address on Sunday 10 May, the government partially relaxed the lockdown to allow the playing of amateur sports where social distancing could be maintained. Consequently, lawn bowls clubs were permitted to re-open on Wednesday 13 May, but only if they wished to do so and subject, naturally, to very tight safety guidelines. At Marine Gardens private contractor Complete Turf Care has moved with admirable swiftness to ensure the green will be ready from Friday 22 May. 

However, play will not commence until the club’s safety plan, based on Bowls England and government recommendations, has been finalised and implemented. This is likely to include, but not be limited too, the following points. 

1.     Maximum of two players on a rink, either from the same household or two separate households. That effectively rules out any competitions or inter-club matches; league or friendly.

2.     Play permitted on alternate rinks only to make it easier to keep social distancing, e.g. rinks 1, 3 and 5 or 2, 4 and 6 only.

3.     With only six players allowed on the green there will be a rink booking system in place, to ensure that players don’t turn up and wait around. They will be encouraged to leave immediately their session has concluded. The day will be divided into timed sessions, with a gap between to allow players to leave the clubhouse / green before the next group arrive.

4.     Players will need to bring their own bowls and shoes as access to changing rooms will be curtailed.

5.     All equipment must be sanitised before and after use, essential items only permitted on the green so no scoreboards, pushers, markers for touchers.

6.     All players to wash hands on arrival at the clubhouse and again on leaving.

7.     Only one player per rink to fetch equipment and stow it away afterwards.

8.     Toilets accessible but no refreshments to be prepared or consumed within the clubhouse.

9.     All players encouraged to minimize any time indoors and make sure they keep socially distancing outdoors.

10.  Coaching / provision of taster sessions for prospective new members is permitted, but only subject to all the existing safety guidelines.

The formal opening date will be confirmed to members and publicised on the club’s website. Bowls at Marine Gardens will return, carefully and with many understandable restrictions in place. In these sad, topsy-turvy times we have learned that being together, means staying apart.”

Terry Urben – Press Officer

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