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Members Update 15th August 2020

(August 15, 2020)

Members Update 15th August 2020.

Marine Gardens Bowling Club along with many other clubs suffered from the untimely lockdown in March due to Covid-19, which prevented the holding of the club’s annual get together meeting before the start of the new season.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet with members to discuss the many changes that have taken place this season, however, we have done our absolute best to update members by email and post.

In a normal year we would have had an AGM in December to establish newly elected Officers and Committee members to run Marine Gardens Bowling Club for 2020-21.

This has not been a normal year and for very obvious reasons it will be impossible to follow our normal routines according to our club constitution to nominate and elect a committee for 2020/2021.

It is however imperative that we have a working committee in place for the club to function properly. With this uppermost in the present committees’ thoughts and it is very unlikely that an AGM will be allowed to take place in December 2020.

The committee met on 10th August 2020 and agreed that the incumbent committee would continue in office until current restrictions and guidelines were eased and an AGM could take place early in the year 2021.

There are however, three vacant post in the present committee and the Hon. Secretary would welcome nominations for the following posts.

  1. Vice-Captain
  2. Clubhouse Manager
  3. General Committee Member

Please contact the Hon Secretary if you would like to be co-opted to take up one of the vacant posts.

The general committee would welcome members thoughts on the arrangements agreed by the general committee to enable the club to continue to function properly in these difficulty and uncertain circumstances.

Norman Deegan. MBE.

Hon. Treasurer.

Marine Gardens Bowling Club.

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