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Marine Gardens update w/ending 4, October 2020

(October 04, 2020)

Report below for the week ending 04/10/20.

“After the excitement of the club finals it was back to inter-club bowls, with a match at home v Goring Manor on 28/09/20. The overall score line shows a comfortable win for the visitors, by 52 shots to 28. However, closer examination of the individual rink cards reveals a much more competitive game, which sadly the hosts let slip in the closing ends. The trio of Reg Perkins, Dave Mugridge & skip Dennis Martin were level pegging; 10 shots each, after 15 ends. But it was visitors who found another gear and collected 7 shots over the last 3 ends to emerge victorious by 17 shots to 10.

Similar events unfolded on the rink comprising Tilly Hennings, David Hughes, and skip Mike Hitchin. They were winning by 9 shots to 8 after 12 ends but did not score again as the visitors closed out the game by 17 shots to 9.

Finally, the triple of David Smart, Albie Marsella and skip Steve Davis battled away all afternoon. But they were 12 shots to 4 down after 9 ends and it was asking too much to pull back that deficit against incredibly talented opposition. The visitors eventually winning by 18 shots to 9.

Rink score summarised below –

Reg Perkins, Dave Mugridge & skip Dennis Martin lost by 10 shots to 17

Tilly Hennings, David Hughes & skip Mike Hitchin lost by 17 shots to 9

David Smart, Albie Marsella & skip Steve Davis lost by 18 shots to 9

Marine Gardens 28 shots lost to Goring Manor 52 shots

On Saturday 03/10 there was thankfully a break in the almost biblical rainfall of recent days. The sun shone, it stayed dry; well mostly, and 36 club members thoroughly enjoyed two fun drives. One at 12:30 for 18 people and another at 3pm for the same number. With the inevitable reduction of inter-club matches theses internal matches and competitions have assumed greater importance. We all hope for a COVID-free 2021 season, but if not, there will be much more bowling of this type next year.

Over the years Marine Gardens has enjoyed many matches v Homefield Park BC, in local leagues and pure friendlies. Consequently, we were incredibly sad to learn that Homefield will cease to be at the end of this season. The second oldest club in town; formed in 1927, has struggled for members of late and COVID19 ruined plans for a recruitment drive this summer. The club will voluntarily dissolve itself on 4 October. Some of the remaining members will join Worthing BC, also based at Beach House Park. Others may look elsewhere for their outdoor bowls in 2021. Any considering a short hop along the coast to Marine Gardens can be assured of a very warm welcome.”

Terry Urben Press Officer – Marine Gardens BC

Please see below three photos. Albie Marsella from the match v Goring Manor on 28/09; plus, Leon White and new-comer Paul Baker; both in the fun drive on Saturday 03/10/20.

Albie Marsella 2020_InPixio_InPixio

Paul Baker 2020_InPixio

Leon White 2020_InPixio_InPixio

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