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Marine Gardens BC report w/e 09/05/21

(May 09, 2021)

Marine Gardens BC report w/e 09/05/21

Wednesday 5 May saw Marine welcome visitors Storrington for a social game comprising three sets of triples. Both sides were anticipating a close but friendly game. Unfortunately, the good old British weather had other plans and the rain began right on cue at 2pm as play commenced!

It swiftly became lousy for bowling but lovely for ducks. Which was entirely appropriate as a pair of mallards; perhaps en route for wetlands around Arundel, had arrived that morning on the green. After experiencing the delights of the Marine Gardens pond, they flew on after two days of rest.

Rinks scores:

Albie Marsella, Shaun Coppard & skip Mike Hitchin 2 shots v M Cleary 2 shots

John Dorkings, Keith Doughty & skip Norman Deegan 3 shots v C Page

Albert Leatham, Jim Gray & skip Ivan Godsmark 2 shots v B Cleary 6 shots

Marine Gardens v Storrington abandoned as a draw after 4 ends (rain)

Thursday 6 May and thankfully better weather welcomed visitors Arundel BC. Once again, the format was three lots of triples. Jenny Ashman’s rink were all square; 5 shots apiece after 8 ends, but then dropped a 5 on the 9th end. That triggered a nice run of scoring from the visiting triple who pulled away to 16 shots. With good support from Pamela Chambers and Wendy Wilson, Jenny fought back but, in the end, they were beaten by 18 shots to 13.

It was better news from skip Noel Stevenson and team-mates Gerry Perch and Keith White. They also had a moment of parity; 9 all after 10 ends, but then embarked on a scoring spree of 16 shots in 7 ends. They won comfortably by 25 shots to 10.

Finally, urbane skip Leon “Trotsky” White led teammates Mary Etherington and John Nettleingham to a measured win by 21 shots to 14. They were ahead throughout and made good use of home advantage.

It was Marine’s 1st win of the season in their fourth match.

Rink scores:

Pamela Chambers, Wendy Wilson & skip Jenny Ashman 13 shots lost to John 18 shots.

Gerry Perch, Keith White & skip Noel Stevenson 25 shots beat Mark 10 shots.

Mary Etherington, John Nettleingham, & skip Leon White 21 shots beat Jeff 14 shots.

Marine Gardens 59 shots beat Arundel 42 shots.

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