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Marine Gardens BC – report for the week ending 16/05/21.

(May 16, 2021)

Marine Gardens played their first competitive match of the season and it was a tough assignment, away to Worthing Pavilion’s “A” team in the Brodie Tray. The game consisted of a pair, two triples and a four, but unfortunately Marine came off worst in all the formats.

Leon White and skip Jenny Ashman played the pairs game; ranged against Malcolm Gardiner and Simon Warr. After 8 ends they were only 2 shots adrift at 6 versus 8. Alas, the hosts went up a gear or two and won all ten of the remaining ends for an emphatic win by 26 shots to 6.

The first triple of Gerry Perch, Dave Mugridge and skip Michael Ives enjoyed a much closer game. 9 shots to nil down after 4 ends they rallied and became increasingly accustomed to the speedier Pavilion green. After 13 ends the tally was 12 shots apiece. The hosts did enough in the closing ends to secure a win by 18 shots to 12, but it was a performance of real heart from the visitors.

The second triple of George Tracey, Dennis Crossweller and skip Mike Hitchin also dug deep, but were always on the back foot against a strong Pavilion combo. The hosts won by 18 shots to 11.

Finally, the four of Laurie Bradley, David Smart, David Smith, and skip Harry Smith endured an afternoon of fluctuating fortunes. They were 7 shots to 2 down after 4 ends but hit back to be 11 shots to 9 up at the halfway mark. But once again the home side found that extra gear and scored consistently in the final ends to bag a win by 25 shots to 14.

Overall Marine lost on all four rinks and by a margin of 44 shots to 87.

Rink scores: 07/05/21 away to Worthing Pavilion “A” team

Leon White & skip Jenny Ashman lost by 6 shots to 26.

Gerry Perch, Dave Mugridge & skip Michael Ives lost by 13 shots to 18.

George Tracey, Dennis Crossweller & skip Mike Hitchin lost by 11 shots to 18.

Laurie Bradley, David Smart, David Smith & skip Harry Smith lost by 14 shots to 25.

Marine Gardens 44 shots lost to Worthing Pavilion “A” team 87 shots.

Wednesday 12 May and Marine hosted Norfolk BC from Littlehampton. They also have a green very adjacent to the coast and so the sea air at Marine Gardens suited them nicely. It was a friendly of three triples. Noel Stevenson, Liz Baldwin and skip Jenny Ashman were good value for a win by 16 shots to 12.

However, Roy Mills, Tim Baldwin and veteran skip Ivan Godsmark ran into a strong trio and the visitors were deserving winners by 27 shots to 7. The final triple of Steve Davis, Norman Deegan MBE and Dennis Martin were for the most part, competitive and after 11 ends they led by 11 shots to 9. But it went sour on end 12 when the visitors scooped 7 shots; jumped into the lead and won all the remaining ends to secure a win by 26 shots to 11.

Overall Marine lost on two rinks, won on 1, but lost the match by 65 shots to 34.

Rink scores: 12/05/21 home v Norfolk

Noel Stevenson, Liz Baldwin & skip Jenny Ashman won by 16 shots to 12.

Roy Mills, Tim Baldwin & skip Ivan Godsmark lost by 7 shots to 27.

Steve Davis, Norman Deegan & skip Dennis Martin lost by 11 shots to 26.

Marine Gardens 34 shots lost to Norfolk 65 shots.

Friday 14 May and Marine were playing host again, this time to friends from neighbouring club Tarring Priory. A social game of three triples was played in excellent spirit as home advantage took the afternoon off. The visitors won by a comfortable margin on all three rinks and were deserving winners overall by 74 shots to 33.

Rink scores: 14/05/21 home v Tarring Priory

Wendy Wilson, John Nettleingham & skip Jim Gray lost by 14 shots to 25.

David Sayer, Albie Marsella & skip Ivan Godsmark lost by 10 shots to 25.

Pamela Chambers, Keith White & skip Michael Ives lost by 9 shots to 24.

Marine Gardens 33 shots lost to Tarring Priory 74 shots

Pamela Chambers 2021[23451]

Pamela Chambers

Ivan Godsmark 2021[23452] 

Ivan Godsmark

Wendy Wilson and John Nettleingham 2021[23450]

Wendy Wilson and John Nettleingham

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