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Marine Gardens Bowling Club – Report for w/ending 31, July 2021

(July 31, 2021)

The week started with a three rink Strachey Shield match away to Tarring Priory, not a successful trip for Marine, Going down two rinks to one, a fourth rink was played as a friendly, Shots scored in the Shield match 47 - 73 in favour of Priory. Marine winning only one rink from three and gaining two points.

Rink Scores.

T Hennings, W Wilson, D smith, Skip H Smith 19 -22 ( friendly)

D Mugridge, J Nettleingham, J Ashman, Skip M Hitchin 14 -18

P chambers, A Leatham, L White, Skip I Godsmark 22 -21

D Sayer, K Doughty, T Baldwin, Skip B Cole 11 -34

Wednesday again saw Marine on the road, this time away to Pavilion in the Strachey Shield, Marine going down 40 -89, having lost on all rinks. The match was played in very blustery conditions, which didn’t do any favours to either team.

Rink Scores.

J Hartley, D Hughes, A Marsella, Skip D Martin 12 -35

A Leatham, P Hughes, J Nettleingham, Skip H Smith 11 -26

D Mugridge, D Smith, S Coppard, Skip J Ashman  17 -28

Witterings Bowling Club paid a visit for a West Sussex League match, played on a sunny but breezy afternoon, the green was difficult to read but both teams worked hard to overcome it. Most rinks were closely fought with Marine losing three rinks but winning overall 60 shots to 55. Harry Smith the only winning skip and top rink.

Rink Scores.

B Cole, D Hughes, Skip I Godsmark 11 -15

T Ashley, K Doughty, Skip D Sayer 16 -17

L White ,N Deegan, Skip D Martin 13 -15

A Leatham, N Stevenson, Skip H Smith 20 -8

Saturday rounded off the week with a home game against Goring Manor in the Strachey Shield, not a great day for Marine having lost all rinks 33 shots to 66.

Rink Scores.

A Leatham, D Hughes, H Smith, Skip J Ashman 14 -30

T Hennings, D Smart, A Marsella, Skip M Berriman  16 -18

B Cole, P Seymour, D Mugridge, Skip M Hitchin 9 -18

Stracey Shield - Marine Gardens v Goring Manor.


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