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Marine Gardens Bowling Club report, w/ending 22, August 2021

(August 22, 2021)

                      The Competitive bowling week started Wednesday with a Stracey Shield match against Lancing, where the hosts lost on two rinks, gaining one, losing 51 -54

Rink scores

D Mugridge, S Coppard, J Nettleingham, Skip J Gray 9 -20

A Leatham, C Wooton, J Ashman, Skip B Cole 15 -24

W Wilson, A Marsella, M Berriman, Skip I Godsmark  27 -10

                     Thursday brought another Stracey Shield match this time against Tarring Priory, not a great outcome for Marine loosing  on all rinks ,Shots 39 -80,this was played over four rinks, three as Stracey one as a friendly, Played in a persistent drizzle, not the best conditions for bowling.

Rink scores

N Stevenson, A Marsella, D Hughes, Skip J Gray 11 -25

P Chambers, A Leatham , J Ashman, Skip D Martin 13 -25

D Smith, C Wooton, M Berriman, Skip I Godsmark 15 -30

T Hennings, G Tracey, D Mugridge, Skip L Bradley 21 -23 (friendly).

                       Friday found Marine on the road to Goring Manor ,another   Stracey game ,with Manor winning on two rinks and overall, 47 -65

Rink scores

A Leatham, D Hughes, L White, Skip J Gray 13 -25

A Paterson, A Knight, K White, Skip B Cole 13 -20

N Stevenson, F Knight, J Ashman, Skip I Godsmark 21 -20

Some great bowling on all rinks.           

                      Saturday Marine played a friendly against Worthing at Beach House Park, five triple rinks, played on another wet afternoon, Marine lost overall, 76 -84.

Rink scores

V Conway, P Seymour, Skip K White 5 -32

H Marsella, N Stevenson, Skip J Nettleingham 28 -6

T Hennings, A Paterson, Skip S Coppard  16 -12

R Mills, A Marsella, Skip M Berriman 15 -18

D Smith, G Perch, Skip B Cole 12 -16

Press Officer, 
Noel Stevenson.

Captain's Fun Day - Action Photos:

Fun Day Spider Winner

Wendy Wilson, wins the 'Spider 'challenge.

Fun Day 1

Fun Day 3

Fun Day 4

Fun Day 5

Fun Day 7

Fun Day Winning Team

Prize winners, Mark Berriman, Tony Quinn, Jill Campbell and Clive Wootton.

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