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Marine Gardens Bowling Club – Report w/ending 29th August 2021

(August 29, 2021)

              As the end of the bowling season fast approaches, Marine like all other clubs, now look to their internal competitions, where club members throughout the season have been competing to get to the finals, Good luck to all who made it through

            This week brought three friendly matches against Norfolk, Southwick Park and Arundel,

            The game against Norfolk, didn’t proceed as Marine would have hoped, going down 53 shots to 135, this was a five-rink match.

Rink scores

D Smith, J Colborne, A Marsella, Skip N Deegan  12 -31

M Etherington, H Marsella ,D Hughes, Skip K White 12 -19

A Paterson, G Perch, W Wilson, Skip B Cole  10 -23

T Hennings, V Conway, D Mugridge, Skip H Smith 12 -26

R Parrish, A Crosskey, S Coppard, Skip D Martin   7 – 36

            Thursday Marine again on the road, this time to Southwick Park this result was a lot closer at the finish 70 -75 in favour of the hosts winning by 5 shots ,

Rink scores

D Smith, G Perch, L White, Skip B Cole 17 -17

A Knight, V Conway, D Mugridge, Skip I Godsmark  24 -13

M Etherington, F Knight, S Coppard, Skip D Martin 13 -22

D Hughes, J Nettleingham, A Marsella, Skip J Ashman 16 -23

            The final match of the week was away to Arundel, the match was played on fantastic rinks, Arundel must be congratulated on the condition of their green. Marine taking the honours 65 -59 winning by 6 shots.

Rink scores

A Paterson, B Stevenson, D Hughes, Skip N Deegan 21 -13

J Hartley, D Smith, C Wooton, Skip P Hughes 19 -11

T Hennings, N Stevenson, M Etherington, Skip K White 11 -18

R Parrish, G Perch, D  Mugridge, Skip H Smith 14 -17

 Bob repairing the fox holes

 Match Secretary Bob Cole checking the green before a match.

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