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Marine Gardens Bowling Club report, w/ending, 15, May 2022

(May 15, 2022)


     This week saw the second round of the club Triples League, played on a cold, windy and sometimes wet morning, but this competition never fails to turn up some unlikely winners, with a long way still to go until the finish in August, anything can happen.

     Monday, saw Marine Gardens host Norfolk BC in a five-rink friendly match and not the best of weather for bowling. Putting the weather aside the hosts did not fair too well, Marine Gardens 86 - Norfolk 96. Shot difference 10.

Skip L Bradley 22 -14, Skip I Godsmark 24 - 13, Skip R Gore 13 - 26,
Skip G Ray 9 - 27, Skip D Martin 18 -16.

      Friday, saw Marine Gardens play Tarring Priory in a four-rink friendly match, again not a great outcome for Marine Gardens, going down on all rinks, Marine Gardens 56 - Tarring Priory  77 Shot difference 21.

Skip T Baldwin 12 - 17, Skip J Ashman 13 - 20, Skip I Godsmark 18 -19
Skip B Harrison 13 – 21.

      Saturday, Marine Gardens made the short trip to Goring Manor for a  four-rink friendly match, again not a successful trip for the visitors, lost on three rinks and won one and losing overall.

Marine Gardens 65 - Goring Manor 78. Shot difference 13.

Skip N Deegan 7 - 23, Skip T Baldwin 18 - 22, Skip R Gore 22 - 10,
Skip M Berriman 18 - 23.

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer

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