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Marine Gardens Bowling Club, report w/ending Sunday 5, June 2022

(June 05, 2022)

The Jubilee week of celebration found Marine Gardens playing four matches against Goring Manor Hurricanes (Brodie Tray), Lancing (Brodie Tray), Middleton (WSBL), and ending the week with a Friendly match away to Worthing.

             Wednesday, a home match against Goring Manor Hurricanes  in the Brodie Tray League, with Marine Gardens winning just one rink from four, a close game with Goring Manor winning overall. 

Marine Gardens 63 - Goring Manor 68, shot difference 5. 

             Thursday, Marine Gardens home match against Lancing, this was a Brodie Tray match, Marine Gardens winning three rinks to one and an overall win, Marine Gardens taking the bulk of the points .

Marine Gardens 63 - Lancing 55, shot difference 8.

             Friday, Marine Gardens hosted Middleton Bowling Club in a West Sussex Bowls League match, again Marine winning just one rink from three.
Marine Gardens 51 - Middleton 65, shot difference 11.

             Saturdays, friendly match against Worthing was played on a blustery afternoon not the best bowling conditions, rounding off a reasonable week for Marine Gardens. 

Marine Gardens 70 - Worthing. 52, shot difference 18.

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer.

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