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Marine Gardens Bowling Club, Report w/ending Sunday, 12 June 2022

(June 12, 2022)

The weather this week has not been very favourable for bowling, heavy rain at times but bowlers persevere and continue.

             Monday, Marine Gardens travelled to Arundel for a three rink West Sussex Bowls League match, a close contest, with a shot difference of only 2 between the teams .

Skip L White, T Ashley, D Smith, N Deegan 16 -21 

Skip I Godsmark, G Perch, J Gray, J Nettleingham 18 - 22

Skip M Hitchin, B Cole ,A Paterson, G Ray  21 -14 

Marine Gardens 55 - Arundel 57.

             Wednesday, and again Marine Gardens was on the road, this was a short trip to Tarring Priory for a Brodie Tray League match, again a close fought game with Marine Gardens taking 3 of the 4 rinks played.

Skip H Smith, R Parrish, W Wilson 20 - 15

Skip M Hitchin, J Nettleingham, A Leatham, 24 - 16

Skip J Gray, P Chambers  21 - 12

Skip G Ray, L Bradley, G Vernau , 9 - 28.

Marine Gardens 74 - Priory 71 Shot difference of 3.

            Thursday, saw Marine Gardens at home to Storrington in West Sussex Bowls League match, with heavy rain threatening the match.

Skip M Hitchin, B Cole, D Smith, N Deegan 13 - 23

Skip J Gray, A Leatham, A Paterson, L White 15 - 16

Skip I Godsmark, B Harrison, R Gore, J Nettleingham 34 - 5.

Marine Gardens 62 - Storrington 44, a shot difference of 18, a good week for Marine Gardens.

             Saturday, we closed the week with our Supreme Champion’s match, Ladies Champion verses the Men’s Champion, the participants being Jenny Ashman our club secretary and Bob Cole our match secretary. 

            The match was a close contest, Jenny Ashman gained a substantial lead of 9 – 2, then Bob Cole found his line and length to even the score at 9 - 9, on completion of the match’s fifteen ends, Jenny Ashman piped Bob Cole at the post to take the trophy. ‘Well Done’ to the winner, and commiserations to a gallant loser.

           The club President Norman Deegan MBE presented the ‘Kidsman Memorial Trophy’ to winner Jenny Ashman. 

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer.

Supreme CXhampion 2022 Presentation

 Supreme Champion 2022 J Ashman

Supreme Champion 2022 Winner Runner Up

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