News Update

Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending Sunday, 17th July 2022.

(July 17, 2022)

Last week I wrote that the greens were looking great and playing well, what a difference a week makes, even though the rinks are watered daily they are suffering from the intense heat.

This week the match play only consisted of our normal Triples League on Tuesday morning. Wednesday, Marine Gardens played host to Worthing Pavilion in the Stracey Shield league, Marine Gardens won two rinks, but lost overall. 
Marine Gardens 58 - Pavilion 81. Shot difference 23.

Thursday, it was Marine Gardens away to The Wittering’s for a three rink West Sussex Bowls League match, this proved to be a successful trip with Marine Gardens taking all the points. A great result for Marine Gardens.

Marine Gardens 65 - The Wittering’s 51. Shot difference 14.

Skip I Godsmark, C Wooton, D Hughes, and G Ray 22 -17.

Skip M Hitchin, K White, J Nettleingham, and  N Deegan 25 – 20.

Skip L White, G Perch, P Cairns, and B Cole !8 – 14.

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