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Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending Sunday, 31st July 2022

(July 31, 2022)

Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending Sunday, 31st July 2022       

A busy week for Marine Gardens, a total of four matches in the Brodie Tray, Stracey Shield and the West Sussex League.

Monday, Marine Gardens made the short trip to Tarring Priory for a match in the Stracey Shield with the teams winning  two rinks each and Tarring Priory winning overall.

Marine 69 – Tarring Priory 74 a difference of 5 shorts.

Wednesday, Marine Gardens were again on their travels, this time to Worthing Pavilion, things looked promising for Marine Gardens in a Stracey Shield match, winning three rinks from four.

Marine Gardens 82 – Worthing Pavilion 87 a shot difference 5.

Skip I Godsmark  13 -27

Skip J Ashman     23 -21

Skip H Smith        26 -23

Skip M Hitchin      20 -16

Thursday, Marine Gardens were again travelling the short trip to Goring Manor to play the Hurricanes in the Brodie Tray match, this being a match made up of I Rink,1 Pair, and 2 Triples. Again, two rinks each, but Hurricanes winning on shot difference of 2 shots.

Marine Gardens 63 – Goring Manor- Hurricanes 65.

Saturday, Marine Gardens hosted Goring Manor in a four rink Stracey Shield match, Marine Gardens wining two rinks but lost on an overall shot difference of 17.

Marine Gardens 50 - Goring Manor 67.

Skip J Ashman  20 -18.
Skip T Baldwin   22 -21
Skip B Cole         8 -28.
Another week of mixed fortunes for Marine Gardens.

Noel Stevenson,

Press Officer.


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