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Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending 7th August 2022.

(August 07, 2022)

Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending 7th August 2022.

Marine Gardens bowling week commenced on a bright Sunday afternoon with a West Sussex League match against East Preston, with Marine Gardens winning on two rinks and drawing on one.
Marine  Gardens 63 - East Preston 43  Shot difference 20. 

Skip L White 17 - 17. Skip I Godsmark. 27 – 10. Skip  M Berriman 19 – 16.

Thursday, Marine Gardens played  Arundel in a three rink West Sussex Bowls League match, Marine Gardens lost on all rinks. Marine Gardens 46 - Arundel 69 shot difference 13 

Friday, Marine Gardens played Tarring Priory in the Brodie Tray, the match ended with two wins and two draws for Marine Gardens, Marine Gardens taking eight well needed points to Tarring Priory’s two points.
Marine Gardens 67 – Tarring Priory 51, shot difference 16. 

The bowling week ended Saturday, with a President versus Captain selected for the Jubilee Plate,  played on a glorious afternoon with an abundance of onlookers enjoying the bowling, a determined effort from both teams. Still on this occasion, the Club President Norman Deegan MBE and his team took the honours.
President 113 – Captain 83, shot difference 30.

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer.  

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