News Update

Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending Sunday 14th August 2022.

(August 14, 2022)

A quiet week of bowling, with only three matches, a four-rink friendly against Shoreham at home, a Brodie Tray match away to Maltravers, and WSBL match away to Storrington.
Wednesdays friendly match against Shoreham ended with the visitors winning three of the four rinks, Marine Gardens 54 - Shoreham 66, shot difference 12.

B Stevenson, N Stevenson, A Neale, Skip J Nettleingham 13 – 18.

G Vernau, W Wilson, A Leatham, Skip G Perch 11 – 17.

D Smith, A Marsella, M Collins, Skip G Ray 12 – 18.

R Perkins, A Knight, P Guy, Skip I Godsmark 18 – 13. 

Thursday, saw Marine Gardens travel to Maltravers for a Brodie Tray match, with the rinks split two each, with Marine Gardens 66 - Maltravers 62, Marine winning overall by 4 shots. 

A Knight, A Paterson, Skip T Baldwin 17 – 14.

P Chambers, W Wilson, Skip L White 20 – 12.

D Sayer, Skip I Godsmark 14 – 18.

L Baldwin, D Hughes, R Gore, Skip M Hitchin 15 – 18. 

The WSBL match due to be played on Saturday – Cancelled – Extreme heat rule.

Points shared 4 points to each team.

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer. 

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