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Marine Gardens Bowling Club, report w/ending Sunday, 21st August 2022

(August 21, 2022)

Marine Gardens in the Pink. A busy week of bowling at Marine, but we still managed to have a charity fun day in support of Breast Cancer Now, (the Research and Care Charity) organised by our Vice-Captain Wendy Wilson, with all bowlers wearing something pink. The afternoon started with a Spider followed by  bowling which fell foul of the weather, so refreshments came early. Wendy having used her saleswomanship and powers of persuasion to get a wide and varied selection from local businesses, Haircuts Meals to name but a few, plus many donations from the club members at Marine Gardens Bowling Club. Having raised the total of £660, so a big thank you to all who took part in this event. 

Tuesday,  Marine Gardens travelled to Middleton for a WSBL match, not a great trip for the visitors, winning one rink and losing two.

Marine Gardens 43 Middleton – 78, shot difference 35.

Thursday, was a Stracey Shield match against Tarring Priory, and after the last meeting Priory were out for revenge, taking three of the four rinks.
Marine Gardens 54 – Tarring Priory 97, shot difference 43.

Friday, was a Brodie Tray match against Goring Manor Spitfires, and the Spitfires winning the match.
Marine Gardens 44 – Goring Manor Spitfires 89, shot difference 45.

Saturday, Marine Gardens played a WSBL match at home against Petworth, with Marine Gardens winning two of the three rinks and taking 5 of the 8 available points.
Marine Gardens 60 - Petworth 60 

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer.

MGBC In the Pink 

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