News Update

Marine Gardens Bowling Club, report w/ending Saturday 27th August 2022.

(August 27, 2022)

The week started with the prospect of travelling to four games, Maltravers, Norfolk, Southwick Park, and Arundel, unfortunately the game against Southwick Park fell foul to the weather 

The Maltravers game ended with the hosts winning three of the four rinks played. 

Marine Gardens 69 - Maltravers 87,  shot difference 18. 

G Ray, P Guy, L Baldwin, I Godsmark 26 - 9

A Knight, A Paterson, R Gore, Skip N Deegan 11 -28

D Smith, D Hughes, J Nettleingham, Skip J Gray 14 -23

P Chambers, W Wilson, D Sayer, Skip T Baldwin 18 -  27

Wednesday, Marine Gardens on their travels to Norfolk, a tight fought game, Marine won three of the five rinks, but Norfolk won by 6 shots. Marine Gardens 83 - Norfolk 89.

G Vernau, .F Knight, A Marsella, Skip J Ashman 16 - 20

A  Knight, S Lear, L  Baldwin, Skip G Perch 23 - 19

D Smith, H Marsella, A Leatham, Skip L White 18 - 10

J Cairns, J Stratton, W Wilson,  Skip M Hitchin 14 - 22

K White, T Hennings, G Ray, Skip H Smith 12 - 18 

What a way to end the week with a  fantastic win over Arundel, Marine Gardens taking all rinks by a massive score, Marine Gardens 94 - Arundel 49, shot difference 45

G Perch, A Marsella, M Collins, Skip D Sayer 27 - 10

T Ashley, W Wilson, J Nettleingham, Skip J Gray 30 - 7

P Chambers, R Parrish, A Paterson, Skip B Cole 18. -  16

P Sayer, D Hughes, G Ray, Skip. I Godsmark 19 - 16

Noel Stevenson, Press Officer. 

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