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Marine Gardens Bowling Club – report w/ending Saturday, 17th September 2022.

(September 17, 2022)

Marine Gardens Bowling Club’s match results reflected a week of highs and lows. The club travelled to Rottingdean on Sunday, unfortunately the fixture due to be played away at Southwater on Tuesday, was cancelled due to inclement weather. However, we were pleased to welcome Worthing, Maltravers and East Preston to Marine Gardens over the following three days and enjoy both the improved weather and competitive bowling.

Sunday, Marine Gardens thoroughly enjoyed an away game at Rottingdean, winning on just one rink by one shot and losing on the other four rinks.

Marine Gardens 71 – Rottingdean 117, shot difference 46.

Rink Scores.
Rink 1. A Knight, L Bradley, T Hennings, Skip W Wilson 14 – 26
Rink 2. J McHugh, J Stratton, P Crosskey, Skip I Godsmark 9 – 33
Rink 3. L Godsmark, V Conway, A Crosskey, Skip G Ray 21 – 20
Rink 4. P Chambers, F Knight, J Power, Skip B Cole 16 – 21
Rink 5. S Lear, S Coppard, L Baldwin, Skip T Baldwin 11 - 18

Wednesday, Marine Gardens hosted a Brodie Tray league match against Worthing and claimed wins on three of the 4 rinks and the overall game win, gaining 8 of the available 10 points.

Marine Gardens 74 – Worthing 50, shot difference 24.

Rink Scores.
Rink 1. B Cole, A Marsella, L Baldwin, Skip R Gore 26 – 10
Rink 2. A Neal, J Nettleingham, Skip J Ashman 10 – 21
Rink 3. G Vernau, P Guy, Skip T Baldwin 17 – 14
Rink 4. J Gray, Skip I Godsmark 21 - 5

Thursday, Marine Gardens welcomed Maltravers, the club's last fixture in the Brodie Tray league.
Not the best of days for the home team, they lost on all four rinks, Maltravers were in great form and deserved the win which is reflected in the overall match score.

Marine Gardens 37 – Maltravers 100, shot difference 61.

Rink Scores.

Rink 1. A Knight, H Marsella, A Paterson, Skip H Smith 5 – 27
Rink 2. G Ray, A Marsella, Skip R Gore. 11 – 27
Rink 3. A Leatham, J Nettleingham, Skip N Deegan 13 – 21
Rink 4. G Perch, Skip I Godsmark 8 - 25

Friday, Marine Gardens welcomed East Preston to a friendly 5 triples match, fortunately, the home team returned to winning form, resulting in 3 winning rinks,1 drawn  and 1 lost, however, the game was played in great spirit, and the individual rink scores were close with just one exception.

Marine Gardens 106 – East Preston 63, shot difference 43.

Rink Scores.
Rink 1. L Godsmark, G Vernau, Skip I Godsmark 20 – 15
Rink 2. E Hayward, B Harrison, Skip T Baldwin 45 – 6
Rink 3. P Chambers, A Crosskey, Skip W Wilson 18 – 15
Rink 4. H Marsella, P Crosskey, Skip N Deegan 11 – 11
Rink 5. J Power, A Marsella, Skip J Ashman 12 – 16

Norman Deegan. MBE.

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