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Marine Gardens Bowling Club, report w/ending Sunday 9th July 2023

(July 09, 2023)

It all changes after tea. Well, it certainly did at Southwick where the home team were 15 shots and behind on all 4 rinks against Marine Gardens in a Brodie Tray league fixture. A second half comeback saw Southwick win all 4 rinks with a 70 - 49 shot difference. Was it something in the tea?

Marine Gardens did however win their other Brodie Tray league fixture at home to Worthing Pavilion by the tightest of margins, 2 rinks apiece and a 69 - 68 scoreline. The leading lights on this occasion were Pamela Chambers, Ken Leadbetter and skip Norman Deegan with a 27-15 victory.

Our other competitive match was against Lancing in a Stracey Shield league fixture at home.
This again was a tightly contested match, each team winning 2 rinks but Lancing  winning overall 79 - 62.

The Ladies, unfortunately, fell afoul of the thundery weather and their GS&M league match at Crablands was called off.

 Alan Paterson, Press Officer.

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